Политика за поверителност

Register holder

Name: User Point, Inc
VAT ID: FI06009620
Address: Mikonkatu 25 B 29, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

Contact person

Name: Aapo Puskala
E-mail: [email protected]


We only use data needed to generate customized calendars and to keep the site running smoothly.

Do Not Track (DNT) policy

We observe Do Not Track (DNT) policy, regardless of wheter the user has requested ir or not.

What data do we collect

We collect and store data to be able to provide the user the services he uses, and to keep the site running properly.

User's account data. These data are required to verify which calendars the user has access to, when his/her subscription expires and to let him modify the parameters of his calendar subscriptions.

User's calendar subscription data. These data are required to generate the requested calendar. This is the same data the user enters in the form when subscribing a calendar.

Debugging and maintenance data. These data are needed to monitor the system and to keep it running smoothly. The data is not sold or used for marketing. Logging is enabled only for specific troubleshooting cases, and logs are deleted after the case has been resolved. In practise logging is seldom enabled.

Cached data. Calendar generation may be demanding on the server, and most calendars are re-downloaded more often than needed. WebCal.Guru receives 27 calendar requests every second.

To reduce server load and to keep the service fast, generated calendars are stored in temporary storage (cache) instead of regenerating the content every time. The data in the cache is cleared and a new calendar file generated automatically once there is new data to display. The longest cache period is 7 days, but in most cases it is less than a day.


Cookies are tiny files, stored on the client's computer, to store data about the current use session.

How do we store your data?

Our data is stored in Iowa, USA, in the data center hosted by SiteGround, with backups at the office of register holder in Helsinki, Finland. Data is stored for up to five years after the last time if was last accessed by the user. All user data is deleted upon request even before the expiration period has passed.

Your data protection rights

WebCal.Guru is subject to GDPR and follows its requirements.

Privacy policies of other websites

This website and the calendars it delivers contain links to other websites. Our privacy policy applies only to our website https://www.webcal.guru/.

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