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Calculation bug fixed
Fixed a bug where in certain cases an event would not be moved correctly according to rules. For example, some election days are moved to a different date if they happen to occur on a certain holiday. It is not certain whether this bug actually affected any dates.
Pokémon GO
Added Pokémon GO events calendar. Located in the Calendars page under the new tab, Fun.
Juche calendar
Added North Korean Juche calendar to Calendar systems page, and to the front page.
European Commission holidays fixed
Due to an unfortunate glitch in database maintenance operations, many of the events in EC holidays calendars were removed. Now they have been restored to all 23 different language versions of the same calendar.
Golden Hour calendar updates
Now Golden Hour calendar allows the user to select whether he wats to see event name, icon and/or time in the event name. The same settings are also in the Moon and Sun calendars.


Moonrise time was shown twice (once by WebCal.Guru and once by Google Calendar). Now there is a setting in the Moon calendar to hide the time. An identical setting already exists in the Sun calendar.
Option to remove location for Sun & Moon calendars
Is it possible to create an option to remove the location from Sun & Moon calendars to shorten the event name?
Done. Under the Calendar tab it is now possible to remove the Location from Sun, Moon and Golden Hour calendars.
The Sun calendar labels are too long. I want to be able to hide the icon/name/time part of the label.
Now it is possible to disable any of the three, under the Calendar tab in the Sun calendar.
Calendar generation error
macOS Calendar shows an error when downloading a calendar.
Fixed. This problem did not yet affect many users, but soon it would have.
Unable to download
Can't download calendar (error -1).