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Vapaa pääsy 25 kalenteriin. Vain 4,99 EUR / vuosi ja saat täyden pääsyn kaikkiin 85 kalenteriin.

Kaikki uudet tilit saavat maksutta 3 kuukauden pituisen Maksullinen tili -tilauksen (pääsy kaikkiin kalentereihin).

Toimii kaikkien kalenterisovellusten kanssa.


Site Down
The site was down for a few hours between Jan 20 and Jan 21st (depening on the time zone). All is fine again.


Option to remove location for Sun & Moon calendars
Is it possible to create an option to remove the location from Sun & Moon calendars to shorten the event name?
Done. Under the Calendar tab it is now possible to remove the Location from Sun, Moon and Golden Hour calendars.
The Sun calendar labels are too long. I want to be able to hide the icon/name/time part of the label.
Now it is possible to disable any of the three, under the Calendar tab in the Sun calendar.
Calendar generation error
macOS Calendar shows an error when downloading a calendar.
Fixed. This problem did not yet affect many users, but soon it would have.
Unable to download
Can't download calendar (error -1).
Inches as precipitation unit
USA uses inches instead of millimetres as precipitation unit. Currently the Weather calendar uses only millimetres and it can't be adjusted. Also, now it is possible to define miles as a unit for visibility distance. However, these do not normally need to be adjusted, as they come from the locale, so for US customers the units are according to US standard.
Now it is possible to select inches as precipitation unit. Inches are the default for users using the US site, but for existing subscriptions the unit must be changed manually. This can be done on the Omat kalenterit page by clicking the Edit link.