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Sun calendar location bug fixed
When the user was located in a different timezone that the location he selected as the Sun calendar location, the times in Sun calendar events were incorrect (but the events were still in the correct location in the calendar timeline). This bug has now been fixed.
Texts being translated
The translations from English to 27 other languages are being done by professional translators. In about 2 weeks all the texts will be replaced by proper translations instead of Google Translate versions.
Improved speed
Many tweaks and optimisations to make the site faster. Now it's quite speedy - most pages are rendered in the browser in less than a second and in the worst case, less than 2 seconds.


Inches as precipitation unit
USA uses inches instead of millimetres as precipitation unit. Currently the Weather calendar uses only millimetres and it can't be adjusted. Also, now it is possible to define miles as a unit for visibility distance. However, these do not normally need to be adjusted, as they come from the locale, so for US customers the units are according to US standard.
Now it is possible to select inches as precipitation unit. Inches are the default for users using the US site, but for existing subscriptions the unit must be changed manually. This can be done on the My calendars page by clicking the Edit link.
Missing translations in Create Account page
Some texts in the Create Account page are not translated into English.
The problem is that when that page was created, I temporarily used Finnish strings hard-coded. And to no surprise, forgot to change them into translated ones. Now those couple headers are also translated into English. Note that other languages were sent for translation today, and proper (non-Google) translations will be done in a couple weeks.
Google Calendar does not populate
When subscribing to Google Calendar, the calendar content doesn't seem to be shown, and the subscribed calendar name shows only "webcal://"
This issue is due to Google Calendar downloading the calendar, but not updating the calendar view once it is done. After clicking Add in the Add Calendar dialog box at Google, wait about 5 seconds. The subscribed calendar address (but not name) appears in the left. At this point you must manually tell Google to refresh the page. The simplest way is to click on the Refresh/Reload button in the browser address bar (circular icon). If you can't find it, go to the address bar and press Enter.
Bad translations
The translations in other languages than Finnish and English are not good.
Other languages than Finnish and English are currently translated by Google. They will soon (within a couple week) be translated by a professional. Any subscriptions you make now will automatically be updated with the better translations as soon as they're done.
Delete an account
How do I delete my account?
The possibility to delete one's account was now added to My calendars page.