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Holidays > Awareness Days
Days intended to raise awareness of health, social or environmental issues.
Holidays > US Awareness Days
Awareness Days mostly observed in United States.
Holidays > US Federal Holidays
This list contains only actual holidays. See Good to Know calendar for other noteworthy events.
Holidays > European Commission Holidays
European holidays declared by the European Commission.
Holidays > Good to Know
Noteworthy events which are not actual holidays. Good addition to the Holidays calendar.
Fun > Pokémon Go Events
Pokémon GO events.
Fun > Food and Drink
Holidays related to food, drinks and cooking.
Fun > Funny Holidays
A long list of unofficial, funny holidays.
Fun > Pets and Wild Animals
Holidays, awareness days and funny observances related to pets and other animals.
Fun > The End Of The World
Various doomsday predictions. If the prediction is unspecific, the date is set on the last possible day of the prediction.
Work > Week Numbers
Week numbering according to European, American or Middle Eastern standard.
Religion > Liturgical Year
Christian liturgical year.
Religion > Catholicism Liturgical Year
Religion > Oriental Orthodoxy Liturgical Year
Religion > Protestant Liturgical Calendar
Religion > Coptic Holidays
Holidays according to Coptic Christians.
Religion > Discordian Holydays
Holydays according to Discordianism.
Religion > Discordian Whollydays
Discordian Whollydays
Religion > Islamic Holidays (Shia)
Islamic holidays according to the Shia denomination.
Religion > Islamic Holidays (Sunni)
Islamic holidays according to the Sunni denomination.
Religion > Jewish Holidays (Diaspora)
Jewish holidays for people living outside of Israel (Diaspora).
Religion > Jewish Holidays (Israel)
Jewish holidays for people living in Israel.
Religion > Pagan Holidays
Pagan holidays and festivals.
Religion > Pastafarian Holidays
Holidays accoring to Pastafarianism.
Religion > Satanic Temple holidays
Holidays according to the Satanic Temple.
Science > Earthquakes
When the Moon is close to the Earth and aligned with the Sun, there is a slight increase in the severity and likelihood of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.
Science > Universe Timeline
Compresses the history of the universe into a single year.
Culture > Premiere movies
Movies playing currently in theatres. Dates are country specific.
Culture > Proverbs
A proverb for every day.
Culture > Events in History
Notable events in history for each day
World > National elections
National elections from all over the world.
World > Birthdays
Birthdays of notable people
World > Deaths
Death dates of notable people
World > Wedding anniversaries
Anniversaries of famous weddings.
World > Independence Days
Independence days for all countries. Some countries have more than one independence/national day.
World > UN Observances
International awareness days set by the United Nations.
Personal > Pregnancy
Weekly information on how your pregnancy proceeds and what is happening inside your womb.