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You got a link to this page in your calendar because you've subscribed a calendar from WebCal.fi. These subscriptions need to be moved to WebCal.Guru.

WebCal.fi closed May 31st 2021

I welcome you to visit the new site, WebCal.Guru.

What you should do

To continue using your calendars, please do the following.

Even if you choose not to continue your subscriptions, you'll need to do the first step.

  1. Remove your existing WebCal.fi calendar subscriptions from your calendar application.
  2. At WebCal.Guru, select your country and language to get customized calendar offering.
  3. Create an account (link in the top black menu). It is free, spam-free and gives you full access to all calendars in all languages for 3 months.
  4. Subscribe to the calendars you like. All the existing calendars from WebCal.fi are available, plus a lot more.

Does the new site require payments?

Some calendars do but not all. There are about 40 free calendars (varies slightly by country). In addition, all new users get 3 months free access to all calendars. The payment is very reasonable. You can get access to all calendars for a 0.35 USD/month (0.28 €/month).

The reason for a payment is that it is not free to run this site. For the past 10 years I've paid 5,000 USD / year to keep the site "free". I hope you don't find a small payment unreasonable.

Please accept my apologies for asking you to go through this. It is not possible for me to update your subscriptions remotely. If you have problems, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. I'll be happy to help.

Aapo Puskala
Owner and creator of both WebCal.fi and WebCal.Guru
[email protected]