Sărbători Pastafarian

Dată Zi a săptămânii Eveniment
02.01.2021 sâmbătă 🧀Swiss Cheese Day
04.01.2021 luni 🍝National Spaghetti Day
07.01.2021 joi National Pass Gas Day
09.01.2021 sâmbătă Play God Day
10.01.2021 duminică Peculiar People Day
12.01.2021 marți 🍗Curried Chicken Day
13.01.2021 miercuri International Sceptics Day
14.01.2021 joi Wear a Colander Day
16.01.2021 sâmbătă 🍔International Hot and Spicy Food Day
16.01.2021 sâmbătă Nothing Day
17.01.2021 duminică No Farting Day
20.01.2021 miercuri 🧀National Cheese Lovers Day
22.01.2021 vineri 🐈Answer Your Cat's Questions Day
22.01.2021 vineri National Hot Sauce Day
24.01.2021 duminică 😄Belly Laugh Day
24.01.2021 duminică 🍺Beer Can Appreciation Day
29.01.2021 vineri National Corn Chip Day
03.02.2021 miercuri 🍔Food Freedom Day
06.02.2021 sâmbătă 🍨Ice Cream For Breakfast Day
09.02.2021 marți 🍕Pizza Pie Day
12.02.2021 vineri International Darwin Day
13.02.2021 sâmbătă National Tortellini Day
16.02.2021 marți 🥞International Pancake Day
20.02.2021 sâmbătă National Muffin Day
24.02.2021 miercuri National Tortilla Chip Day
28.02.2021 duminică 🦷National Tooth Fairy Day
04.03.2021 joi Holy Experiment Day
05.03.2021 vineri Birthday of Momofuku Ando
10.03.2021 miercuri International Day of Awesomeness
14.03.2021 duminică 🥔Potato Chip Day
16.03.2021 marți Lips Appreciation Day
18.03.2021 joi National Sloppy Joe Day
20.03.2021 sâmbătă ☀️Great American Meatout Day
20.03.2021 sâmbătă International Day of Happiness
20.03.2021 sâmbătă 🍺National Bock Beer Day
20.03.2021 sâmbătă 🌭National Corndog Day
21.03.2021 duminică 🌮National Crunchy Taco Day
23.03.2021 marți Chip and Dip Day
27.03.2021 sâmbătă National Spanish Paella Day
27.03.2021 sâmbătă Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
28.03.2021 duminică Pastover
28.03.2021 duminică Weed Appreciation Day
01.04.2021 joi 🌯National Burrito Day
05.04.2021 luni 🍕National Deep Dish Pizza Day
06.04.2021 marți 🍺New Beer's Eve
07.04.2021 miercuri 🍺National Beer Day
09.04.2021 vineri 🦄National Unicorn Day
13.04.2021 - 12.05.2021 marți - miercuri Ramendan
15.04.2021 joi 🍕International Pizza Cake Day
15.04.2021 joi National Ham Day
21.04.2021 miercuri Thank You for Libraries Day
23.04.2021 vineri 🍺German Beer Day
27.04.2021 marți 🐕National Devil Dog Day
28.04.2021 miercuri 🍔Stop Food Waste Day
30.04.2021 vineri 🥔National Mr. Potato Head Day
01.05.2021 sâmbătă 🍺Beer Pong Day
01.05.2021 sâmbătă 🍺National Homebrew Day
11.05.2021 marți Eat What You Want Day
15.05.2021 sâmbătă 🥃World Whisky Day
16.05.2021 duminică 🥐World Baking Day
25.05.2021 marți Geek Pride Day
29.05.2021 sâmbătă International Coq Au Vin Day
04.06.2021 vineri Hug an Atheist Day
07.06.2021 luni 🍔World Food Safety Day
16.06.2021 miercuri 🥕Fresh Veggies Day
20.06.2021 duminică 🦃National Turkey Lovers' Day
25.06.2021 vineri 🍔National Food Truck Day
03.07.2021 sâmbătă 🍒International Cherry Pit Spitting Day
03.07.2021 sâmbătă 🍺National Independent Beer Run Day
07.07.2021 miercuri National Macaroni Day
07.07.2021 miercuri Tell the Truth Day
24.07.2021 sâmbătă Pioneer Day
27.07.2021 marți 🥃National Scotch Day
27.07.2021 marți Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day
29.07.2021 joi 🍗National Chicken Wing Day
29.07.2021 joi National Lasagna Day
06.08.2021 vineri 🍺National Root Beer Float Day
06.08.2021 vineri 🍺International Beer Day®
19.08.2021 joi 🍔National Hot and Spicy Food Day
21.08.2021 sâmbătă Break The Monotony Day
22.08.2021 duminică Never Bean Better Day
26.08.2021 joi 🍔National Burger Day
04.09.2021 sâmbătă Eat an Extra Dessert Day
04.09.2021 sâmbătă 🥓International Bacon Day
06.09.2021 luni 🥚Great Egg Toss Day
07.09.2021 marți 🍺National Beer Lover's Day
09.09.2021 joi Wonderful Weirdos Day
10.09.2021 vineri TV Dinner Day
15.09.2021 miercuri 🍔National Double Cheeseburger Day
18.09.2021 sâmbătă 🍔Cheeseburger Day
19.09.2021 duminică 🏴‍☠️International Talk Like a Pirate Day
19.09.2021 duminică 🏴‍☠️Meow Like a Pirate Day
25.09.2021 sâmbătă 🍳National Cooking Day
26.09.2021 duminică 🥟National Dumpling Day
02.10.2021 sâmbătă 🍔National Research Maniacs Food Day
09.10.2021 sâmbătă 🍺International Beer and Pizza Day
11.10.2021 luni 🍕National Sausage Pizza Day
12.10.2021 marți Pastafarian Headgear Day International
12.10.2021 marți Pulled Pork Day
16.10.2021 sâmbătă 🍔World Food Day
17.10.2021 duminică 🍝National Pasta Day
24.10.2021 duminică 🍔Food Day
25.10.2021 luni National Greasy Foods Day
25.10.2021 luni 🍝World Pasta Day
25.10.2021 luni 🍕World Pizza Makers Day
26.10.2021 marți Mincemeat Day
31.10.2021 duminică 🎃Halloween
31.10.2021 duminică Carve a Pumpkin Day
01.11.2021 luni Give Up Your Shoulds Day
02.11.2021 marți 🍪Cookie Monster Day
03.11.2021 miercuri National Eating Healthy Day
04.11.2021 joi National Men Make Dinner Day™
05.11.2021 vineri 🍩National Doughnut Appreciation Day
06.11.2021 sâmbătă 🍺Learn to Homebrew Day
08.11.2021 luni Cook Something Bold Day
09.11.2021 marți National Chaos Never Dies Day
16.11.2021 marți 🍔National Fast Food Day
18.11.2021 joi Great American Smokeout
20.11.2021 sâmbătă National Absurdity Day
18.12.2021 sâmbătă 🐖Suckling Pig Day
21.12.2021 marți Humbug Day
21.12.2021 marți 🍔National Hamburger Day