Ano litúrgico do catolicismo

Data Dia da semana Evento
01/01/2021 sexta-feira Mary, the Holy Mother of God
06/01/2021 quarta-feira The Epiphany of the Lord
10/01/2021 domingo Baptism of the Lord
17/01/2021 domingo 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
24/01/2021 domingo 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
31/01/2021 domingo 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
02/02/2021 terça-feira Presentation of Jesus at the Temple
17/02/2021 quarta-feira Ash Wednesday
21/02/2021 domingo 1st Sunday in Lent
28/02/2021 domingo 2nd Sunday in Lent
07/03/2021 domingo 3rd Sunday in Lent
14/03/2021 domingo 4rd Sunday in Lent
21/03/2021 domingo 5th Sunday in Lent
25/03/2021 quinta-feira The Annunciation of the Lord
28/03/2021 domingo Palm Sunday
01/04/2021 quinta-feira Maundy Thursday
02/04/2021 sexta-feira Good Friday
03/04/2021 sábado Holy Saturday
04/04/2021 domingo Easter Sunday
05/04/2021 segunda-feira Easter Monday
06/04/2021 terça-feira Easter Tuesday
07/04/2021 quarta-feira Easter Wednesday
08/04/2021 quinta-feira Easter Thursday
09/04/2021 sexta-feira Easter Friday
10/04/2021 sábado Easter Saturday
11/04/2021 domingo Divine Mercy Sunday
18/04/2021 domingo 3rd Sunday of Easter
23/04/2021 sexta-feira Saint George's Day
25/04/2021 domingo 4th Sunday of Easter
02/05/2021 domingo 5th Sunday of Easter
09/05/2021 domingo 6th Sunday of Easter
13/05/2021 quinta-feira Ascension Day
16/05/2021 domingo 7th Sunday of Easter
23/05/2021 domingo Pentecost
24/05/2021 segunda-feira Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church
30/05/2021 domingo Trinity Sunday
06/06/2021 domingo The First Sunday after Trinity
11/06/2021 sexta-feira Sacred Heart
13/06/2021 domingo 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time
13/06/2021 domingo The Second Sunday after Trinity
20/06/2021 domingo 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time
20/06/2021 domingo The Third Sunday after Trinity
24/06/2021 quinta-feira Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
27/06/2021 domingo 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
27/06/2021 domingo The Fourth Sunday after Trinity
29/06/2021 terça-feira Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
04/07/2021 domingo 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time
04/07/2021 domingo The Fifth Sunday after Trinity
11/07/2021 domingo 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time
11/07/2021 domingo The Sixth Sunday after Trinity
18/07/2021 domingo The Seventh Sunday after Trinity
18/07/2021 domingo 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time
25/07/2021 domingo 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time
25/07/2021 domingo The Eighth Sunday after Trinity
01/08/2021 domingo 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time
01/08/2021 domingo The Ninth Sunday after Trinity
06/08/2021 sexta-feira Feast of the Transfiguration
08/08/2021 domingo 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
08/08/2021 domingo The Tenth Sunday after Trinity
15/08/2021 domingo 21th Sunday in Ordinary Time
15/08/2021 domingo Assumption of Mary
15/08/2021 domingo The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity
22/08/2021 domingo The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity
22/08/2021 domingo 22th Sunday in Ordinary Time
29/08/2021 domingo 23th Sunday in Ordinary Time
29/08/2021 domingo The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity
05/09/2021 domingo 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
05/09/2021 domingo The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity
12/09/2021 domingo 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
12/09/2021 domingo The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity
14/09/2021 terça-feira The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
19/09/2021 domingo 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
19/09/2021 domingo The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity
26/09/2021 domingo 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
26/09/2021 domingo The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity
03/10/2021 domingo The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity
03/10/2021 domingo 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
10/10/2021 domingo 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
10/10/2021 domingo The Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity
17/10/2021 domingo 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
17/10/2021 domingo The Twentieth Sunday after Trinity
24/10/2021 domingo 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time
24/10/2021 domingo The Last Sunday after Trinity
31/10/2021 domingo 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
31/10/2021 domingo The Fourth Sunday before Advent
01/11/2021 segunda-feira All Saints' Day
02/11/2021 terça-feira All Souls' Day
07/11/2021 domingo 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
07/11/2021 domingo The Third Sunday before Advent
09/11/2021 terça-feira Feast of the Dedication of the Basilica of Saint John Lateran in Rome
14/11/2021 domingo Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe
14/11/2021 domingo The Second Sunday before Advent
21/11/2021 domingo Christ the King
28/11/2021 domingo Advent Sunday
05/12/2021 domingo Second Sunday of Advent
06/12/2021 segunda-feira Saint Nicholas Day
08/12/2021 quarta-feira Feast of the Immaculate Conception
12/12/2021 domingo Third Sunday of Advent
19/12/2021 domingo Fourth Sunday of Advent
25/12/2021 sábado The Nativity of the Lord
26/12/2021 domingo Saint Stephen's Day
27/12/2021 segunda-feira The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph