Lemmikit ja villieläimet

Päivämäärä Viikonpäivä Tapahtuma
1.1.2021 perjantai 🐦Adopt a Rescued Bird Month begins
1.1.2021 perjantai 🐾Walk Your Pet Month begins
1.1.2021 perjantai 🐕Train Your Dog Month begins
1.1.2021 perjantai 🐕Unchain a Dog Month begins
2.1.2021 lauantai 🐈Happy Mew Year for Cats Day
2.1.2021 lauantai 🐾National Pet Travel Safety Day
5.1.2021 tiistai 🐦National Bird Day
8.1.2021 perjantai 🐕National Labrador Retriever Day
10.1.2021 sunnuntai 🦅Save the Eagles Day
14.1.2021 torstai 👗National Dress Up Your Pet Day
18.1.2021 - 24.1.2021 maanantai - sunnuntai 🐾Take Your Pet To Work Week
20.1.2021 keskiviikko 🐧Penguin Awareness Day
21.1.2021 torstai 🐿️Squirrel Appreciation Day
22.1.2021 perjantai 🐈Answer Your Cat's Questions Day
24.1.2021 sunnuntai 🐾Change A Pet’s Life Day
29.1.2021 perjantai 🦮Seeing Eye Dog Day
1.2.2021 maanantai 🐾Spay/Neuter Awareness Month begins
1.2.2021 maanantai 💩National Prevent a Litter Month begins
1.2.2021 maanantai 🦷National Pet Dental Health Month begins
1.2.2021 maanantai 🐈National Cat Health Month begins
1.2.2021 maanantai 🐕Dog Training Education Month begins
1.2.2021 maanantai 🐾Beat the Heat Month begins
1.2.2021 maanantai 🐇Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month
2.2.2021 tiistai 🐹Groundhog Day
2.2.2021 tiistai 🐹Marmot Day
2.2.2021 tiistai 🐕Sled Dog Day
3.2.2021 keskiviikko 🐕Doggy Date Night
3.2.2021 keskiviikko 🐕International Golden Retriever Day
7.2.2021 - 13.2.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐶Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week
14.2.2021 sunnuntai 🐾Pet Theft Awareness Day
15.2.2021 maanantai 🦛National Hippo Day
19.2.2021 perjantai 🐕National Boston Terrier Day
20.2.2021 lauantai ❤️Love Your Pet Day
21.2.2021 - 27.2.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐾National Justice for Animals Week
21.2.2021 sunnuntai 🐋World Whale Day
22.2.2021 maanantai 🐕Walking the Dog Day
23.2.2021 tiistai 🍪International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
23.2.2021 tiistai 🐾World Spay Day
27.2.2021 lauantai 🐻‍❄️International Polar Bear Day
1.3.2021 maanantai 🐹Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month begins
1.3.2021 maanantai 🐎National Horse Protection Day
1.3.2021 maanantai 🐖National Pig Day
1.3.2021 maanantai 🐾Poison Prevention Awareness Month begins
2.3.2021 tiistai 🐈International Rescue Cat Day
3.3.2021 keskiviikko 👍What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day
3.3.2021 keskiviikko 🐅World Wildlife Day
7.3.2021 - 13.3.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐾Professional Pet Sitters Week™
13.3.2021 lauantai 🐕K-9 Veterans Day
14.3.2021 sunnuntai 🦋Learn About Butterflies Day
14.3.2021 sunnuntai 🐛Moth-er Day
14.3.2021 sunnuntai 🕷️National Save a Spider Day
15.3.2021 maanantai 🪶National Buzzard Day
17.3.2021 keskiviikko Saint Gertrude of Nivelles Day
20.3.2021 lauantai 🪶World Sparrow Day
23.3.2021 tiistai 🐱Cuddly Kitten Day
23.3.2021 tiistai 🐶National Puppy Day
28.3.2021 sunnuntai 🐈Respect Your Cat Day
30.3.2021 tiistai 🏞️Take a Walk in the Park Day
1.4.2021 torstai 🐕Active Dog Month begins
1.4.2021 torstai 🐕Canine Fitness Month begins
1.4.2021 - 7.4.2021 torstai - keskiviikko 💩International Pooper Scooper Week
1.4.2021 torstai 🐕National Adopt a Greyhound Month begins
1.4.2021 torstai 💉National Heartworm Awareness Month begins
1.4.2021 torstai 🐾National Pet First Aid Awareness Month begins
1.4.2021 torstai 🐾National Pet Month begins
1.4.2021 - 7.4.2021 torstai - keskiviikko 🐾National Raw Feeding Week
1.4.2021 torstai 🍎Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month begins
2.4.2021 perjantai 🐹National Ferret Day
3.4.2021 lauantai 🐾Every Day is Tag Day
4.4.2021 sunnuntai 🐀World Rat Day
6.4.2021 tiistai 🐈National Siamese Cat Day
7.4.2021 keskiviikko 🐾National Pet Health Insurance Day
8.4.2021 torstai 🦁Zoo Lovers Day
8.4.2021 torstai 🐕National Dog Fighting Awareness Day
8.4.2021 torstai 🐕National Catahoula Day
8.4.2021 torstai 🐦Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
8.4.2021 torstai 💭Dog Farting Awareness Day
9.4.2021 perjantai 🐔National Chicken Little Awareness Day
10.4.2021 lauantai 🐶American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Day
10.4.2021 lauantai 🐄National Farm Animals Day
10.4.2021 lauantai 🐕National Hug Your Dog Day
11.4.2021 sunnuntai 🐕National Pet Day
11.4.2021 - 17.4.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐕National Dog Bite Prevention Week
11.4.2021 - 17.4.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐾Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week
14.4.2021 keskiviikko 🐬National Dolphin Day
16.4.2021 perjantai 🐘Save The Elephant Day
17.4.2021 lauantai 🦇Bat Appreciation Day
17.4.2021 - 23.4.2021 lauantai - perjantai 🆔National Pet ID Week
18.4.2021 - 24.4.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐾Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week
18.4.2021 - 24.4.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🦖National Velociraptor Awareness Day
18.4.2021 sunnuntai 🐕Pet Owners Independence Day
19.4.2021 maanantai 🐈National Cat Lady Day
21.4.2021 keskiviikko 🐕Bulldogs are Beautiful Day
21.4.2021 keskiviikko 🐟Tuna Rights Day
22.4.2021 torstai 🐕National Beagle Day
23.4.2021 perjantai 🐕National Lost Dog Awareness Day
24.4.2021 lauantai 🦅National Go Birding Day
24.4.2021 lauantai 🐸Save the Frogs Day
24.4.2021 lauantai 🐾World Day for Laboratory Animals
24.4.2021 lauantai 🧑‍⚕️World Veterinary Day
25.4.2021 - 1.5.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 💩National Scoop the Poop Week
25.4.2021 sunnuntai 🐕National Pet Parent's Day
26.4.2021 maanantai 🐎National Help a Horse Day
26.4.2021 maanantai 🐾National Kids and Pets Day
27.4.2021 tiistai 🐋Marine Mammal Rescue Day
27.4.2021 tiistai 🐴Matanzas Mule Day
27.4.2021 tiistai 🐶National Little Pampered Dog Day
28.4.2021 keskiviikko 🦮International Guide Dog Day
30.4.2021 perjantai 😻National Therapy Animal Day
30.4.2021 perjantai 🐱National Tabby Day
30.4.2021 perjantai 🐱National Hairball Awareness Day
30.4.2021 perjantai 🦁National Animal Advocacy Day
30.4.2021 perjantai 🐕Adopt a Shelter Pet Day
30.4.2021 perjantai 🐶Dog Therapy Appreciation Day
1.5.2021 lauantai 🆔Chip Your Pet Month begins
1.5.2021 lauantai 🐾National Pet Month begins
1.5.2021 lauantai 🐕National Purebred Dog Day
1.5.2021 lauantai 👁National Service Animal Eye Exam month begins
1.5.2021 lauantai 🐾Responsible Animal Guardian Month begins
1.5.2021 lauantai 🦏Save the Rhino Day
2.5.2021 - 8.5.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐾National Pet Week
2.5.2021 sunnuntai 🐟World Tuna Day
2.5.2021 - 8.5.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐾Be Kind to Animals Week
2.5.2021 sunnuntai 🐕Mayday for Mutts
2.5.2021 - 8.5.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐕Dog Anxiety Awareness Week
3.5.2021 maanantai 🐩International Doodle Dog Day
3.5.2021 maanantai 🐾National Specially-abled Pets Day
4.5.2021 tiistai 🐔International Respect for Chickens Day
8.5.2021 lauantai 🐕National Dog Mom's Day
8.5.2021 lauantai 🐾National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day
8.5.2021 lauantai 🐦Migratory Bird Day
10.5.2021 maanantai 🐕German Shepherd Day
13.5.2021 torstai 🐸Frog Jumping Day
14.5.2021 perjantai 🐔Dance Like a Chicken Day
14.5.2021 perjantai 🦈Fintastic Friday: Giving Sharks a Voice
14.5.2021 perjantai 🐕International Chihuahua Appreciation Day
16.5.2021 sunnuntai 🐒National Sea Monkey Day
20.5.2021 torstai 🐕‍🦺National Rescue Dog Day
20.5.2021 torstai 🐝World Bee Day
21.5.2021 perjantai 🐾Endangered Species Day
22.5.2021 lauantai 🌱International Day for Biological Diversity
23.5.2021 sunnuntai 🐢World Turtle Day®
24.5.2021 maanantai 🐌Escargot Day
28.5.2021 perjantai Feast Day of St. Bernard of Montjoux
29.5.2021 lauantai 🐕International Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Day
31.5.2021 maanantai 🦜World Parrot Day
1.6.2021 tiistai 🐠National Zoo and Aquarium Month begins
1.6.2021 tiistai 🆔National Microchipping Month begins
1.6.2021 tiistai 🐕National Pet Preparedness Month begins
1.6.2021 tiistai 🐕International Sheltie Day
1.6.2021 tiistai 🐈Adopt-a-Cat Month begins
1.6.2021 tiistai 🐈Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month begins
4.6.2021 perjantai 🐈Hug your Cat Day
5.6.2021 lauantai 🐢Turtle Races Day
6.6.2021 - 12.6.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐾Pet Appreciation Week
7.6.2021 maanantai 🐛June Bug Day
8.6.2021 tiistai 🐕World Pet Memorial Day
15.6.2021 tiistai 🦞National Lobster Day
16.6.2021 keskiviikko 🐢World Sea Turtle Day
18.6.2021 perjantai 🐕Ugliest Dog Day
19.6.2021 lauantai 🐈Garfield the Cat Day
19.6.2021 lauantai 🐾National Pets in Film Day
20.6.2021 sunnuntai 🦅American Eagle Day
20.6.2021 - 26.6.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐾Animal Rights Awareness Week
21.6.2021 maanantai 🐈Take Your Cat To Work Day®
21.6.2021 maanantai 🐕World Dachshund Day
21.6.2021 - 27.6.2021 maanantai - sunnuntai 🐝National Pollinator Week
21.6.2021 maanantai 🐕National Dog Party Day
24.6.2021 torstai 🐈Cat World Domination Day
25.6.2021 perjantai National Catfish Day
25.6.2021 perjantai 🐕Take Your Dog to Work Day®
1.7.2021 torstai 🦁American Zoo Day
1.7.2021 torstai 🐕Doghouse Repairs Month begins
1.7.2021 torstai 🆔ID Your Pet Day
1.7.2021 torstai 🐾National Lost Pet Prevention Month begins
1.7.2021 torstai 🐾National Pet Hydration Awareness Month begins
10.7.2021 lauantai 🐱National Kitten Day
11.7.2021 sunnuntai 🐕All American Pet Photo Day
13.7.2021 tiistai 🐄Cow Appreciation Day
14.7.2021 keskiviikko 🦈Shark Awareness Day
15.7.2021 torstai 🔥National Pet Fire Safety Day
16.7.2021 perjantai 🐖Guinea Pig Appreciation Day
16.7.2021 perjantai 🐍World Snake Day
21.7.2021 keskiviikko 🐾National Craft for your Local Shelters Day
21.7.2021 keskiviikko National Craft for your Local Shelters Day
21.7.2021 keskiviikko 🐶No Pet Store Puppies Day
22.7.2021 torstai 🐀Ratcatcher's Day
25.7.2021 - 31.7.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐾National Feed a Rescue Pet Week
26.7.2021 maanantai 📷National Dog Photography Day
31.7.2021 lauantai 🐕National Mutt Day
1.8.2021 sunnuntai 🎂DOGust Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs
1.8.2021 sunnuntai 🐾Itchy Pet Awareness Month
1.8.2021 sunnuntai 🐾Rawgust begins
2.8.2021 maanantai 🐕‍🦺Assistance Dog Day
2.8.2021 - 8.8.2021 maanantai - sunnuntai 🦴Give a Dog a Bone Week
8.8.2021 sunnuntai 🐈International Cat Day
8.8.2021 sunnuntai 🐈Scottish Wildcat Day
10.8.2021 tiistai 🐕National Spoil Your Dog Day
10.8.2021 tiistai 🎂Snoopy’s Birthday
12.8.2021 torstai 🐘World Elephant Day
15.8.2021 sunnuntai 🆔National Check the Chip Day
16.8.2021 maanantai Saint Roch Day
17.8.2021 tiistai 🐈National Black Cat Appreciation Day
20.8.2021 perjantai 🦟World Mosquito Day
21.8.2021 lauantai 🐝National Honey Bee Day
21.8.2021 lauantai 🐾International Homeless Animals Day
22.8.2021 sunnuntai 🐈Take Your Cat to the Vet Day
23.8.2021 maanantai 🐕‍🦺International Blind Dog Day
26.8.2021 torstai 🐕National Dog Day
28.8.2021 lauantai 🌈Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day
30.8.2021 maanantai 🐕National Holistic Pet Day
1.9.2021 keskiviikko 🐕Responsible Dog Ownership Month begins
1.9.2021 keskiviikko 🐾Pet Sitter Education Month begins
1.9.2021 keskiviikko 🐕‍🦺National Service Dog Month begins
1.9.2021 keskiviikko 😻Happy Cat Month begins
1.9.2021 keskiviikko 🐾National Pet Insurance Month begins
1.9.2021 keskiviikko 🐈Ginger Cat Appreciation Day
1.9.2021 keskiviikko 🐕Boykin Spaniel Day
1.9.2021 keskiviikko 🐾Animal Pain Awareness Month
5.9.2021 sunnuntai 🐕Pet Rock Day
7.9.2021 tiistai 🐼Threatened Species Day
8.9.2021 keskiviikko 🐕National Dog Walker Appreciation Day
8.9.2021 keskiviikko 🦎National Iguana Awareness Day
12.9.2021 sunnuntai 🐕National Pet Memorial Day
12.9.2021 sunnuntai 🐕National Hug your Hound Day
13.9.2021 maanantai 🐾Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day
13.9.2021 maanantai 🐕Scooby-Doo Day
17.9.2021 perjantai 🦜National Pet Bird Day
18.9.2021 lauantai 🐕Puppy Mill Awareness Day
18.9.2021 lauantai 🐕Responsible Dog Ownership Day
19.9.2021 - 25.9.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐾Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week
19.9.2021 - 25.9.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐕National Deaf Dog Awareness Week
19.9.2021 - 25.9.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐕National Dog Week
19.9.2021 sunnuntai 😼National Meow Like a Pirate Day
22.9.2021 keskiviikko 🐘Elephant Appreciation Day
22.9.2021 keskiviikko 🐕National Walk ‘n’ Roll Dog Day
22.9.2021 keskiviikko 🦏World Rhino Day
23.9.2021 torstai 🏛️National Dogs in Politics Day
23.9.2021 torstai 🐾Remember Me Thursday®
24.9.2021 perjantai 🐨Save the Koala Day
25.9.2021 lauantai 🐾World’s Largest Pet Walk
25.9.2021 lauantai 🐇International Rabbit Day
25.9.2021 lauantai 🐟Fish Amnesty Day
26.9.2021 sunnuntai 🐋Shamu the Whale Day
28.9.2021 tiistai 🐾World Rabies Day
1.10.2021 perjantai 🔥National Fire Pup Day
1.10.2021 perjantai 🐕National Pitbull Awareness Month begins
1.10.2021 perjantai 🐾National Pet Wellness Month begins
1.10.2021 perjantai 🐕National Pit Bull Awareness Month begins
1.10.2021 perjantai 🐕National Black Dog Day™
1.10.2021 perjantai 🐾National Animal Safety and Protection Month begins
1.10.2021 perjantai 🦝International Raccoon Appreciation Day
1.10.2021 perjantai 🐕Adopt-A-Dog Month begins
2.10.2021 lauantai 🐩Poodle Day
2.10.2021 lauantai 🐄World Day for Farmed Animals
3.10.2021 - 9.10.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🧸Animal Welfare Week
3.10.2021 - 9.10.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐾National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week
3.10.2021 sunnuntai 🦋National Butterfly and Hummingbird Day
3.10.2021 - 9.10.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 🐕National Walk Your Dog Week
4.10.2021 maanantai 🐾World Animal Day
6.10.2021 keskiviikko 🦡National Badger Day
8.10.2021 perjantai 🐙World Octopus Day
8.10.2021 perjantai 👩‍⚕️Vet Nurse Day
9.10.2021 lauantai 🐦Migratory Bird Day
10.10.2021 - 16.10.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai 👩‍⚕️National Veterinary Technician Week
13.10.2021 keskiviikko 🐕National Pet Obesity Awareness Day
16.10.2021 lauantai 🐈Feral Cat Day
16.10.2021 lauantai 🐈Global Cat Day
17.10.2021 sunnuntai 🐕National Fetch Day
20.10.2021 keskiviikko 🐟Hagfish Day
21.10.2021 torstai 🦎Reptile Awareness Day
21.10.2021 torstai 🐾National Pets for Veterans Day
26.10.2021 tiistai 🐴National Mule Day
27.10.2021 keskiviikko 🐈National Black Cat Day
28.10.2021 torstai 🧸Plush Animal Lover's Day
29.10.2021 perjantai 🐈National Cat Day
30.10.2021 lauantai 🐑Hug A Sheep Day
1.11.2021 maanantai 🐾National Go Cook For Your Pets Day
1.11.2021 maanantai 🐾Pet Diabetes Month begins
1.11.2021 maanantai 🐾Pet Cancer Awareness Month begins
1.11.2021 maanantai 🐾International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day
1.11.2021 - 7.11.2021 maanantai - sunnuntai 🐦Bird Health Appreciation Week
1.11.2021 maanantai 🐾Adopt a Senior Pet Month begins
3.11.2021 keskiviikko 🦑World Jellyfish Day
6.11.2021 lauantai 🦬National Bison Day
7.11.2021 sunnuntai 🐻Hug a Bear Day
7.11.2021 sunnuntai 🐕National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day
12.11.2021 perjantai 🐁Fancy Rat & Mouse Day
16.11.2021 tiistai 🐕National Slobber Appreciation Day
25.11.2021 torstai 🐕National Dog Show
27.11.2021 lauantai 🐢Turtle Adoption Day
1.12.2021 keskiviikko 🐈Cat Lover’s Month begins
4.12.2021 lauantai 🐅World Wildlife Conservation Day
5.12.2021 sunnuntai 🐾Celebrate Shelter Pets Day
9.12.2021 torstai 👩‍⚕️International Day of Veterinary Medicine
11.12.2021 lauantai 🍔Holiday Food Drive for Needy Animals Day
13.12.2021 maanantai 🐎National Day of the Horse
14.12.2021 tiistai 🐒Monkey Day
15.12.2021 keskiviikko 🐈Cat Herders' Day
27.12.2021 maanantai 🦁Visit the Zoo Day