Hauskat merkkipäivät

Päivämäärä Viikonpäivä Tapahtuma
1.1.2021 perjantai 🍎Apple Gifting Day
1.1.2021 perjantai New Year's Dishonor List Day
1.1.2021 perjantai Z Day
1.1.2021 perjantai 🐻Polar Bear Swim Day
1.1.2021 perjantai Commitment Day
1.1.2021 perjantai National Hangover Day
1.1.2021 perjantai 🦶First Foot Day
1.1.2021 perjantai National First-Foot Day
1.1.2021 perjantai 👪Global Family Day
2.1.2021 lauantai 🍰Fruitcake Toss Day
2.1.2021 lauantai National Run it Up the Flagpole and See if Anybody Salutes It Day
2.1.2021 lauantai National Science Fiction Day
3.1.2021 sunnuntai Humiliation Day
3.1.2021 sunnuntai J.R.R. Tolkien Day
3.1.2021 sunnuntai Memento Mori
3.1.2021 sunnuntai National Drinking Straw Day
4.1.2021 maanantai Dimpled Chad Day
4.1.2021 maanantai 🧺Free Flower Basket Day
4.1.2021 maanantai National "Thank God It's Monday" Day
4.1.2021 maanantai 🎵Pop Music Chart Day
4.1.2021 maanantai Tom Thumb Day
4.1.2021 maanantai Trivia Day
5.1.2021 tiistai 🐦National Bird Day
6.1.2021 keskiviikko 🎄National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day
6.1.2021 keskiviikko 🥪National Take a Poet to Lunch Day
6.1.2021 keskiviikko National Smith Day
6.1.2021 keskiviikko Cuddle Up Day
7.1.2021 torstai Harlem Globetrotter's Day
7.1.2021 torstai I'm Not Going to Take it Anymore Day
7.1.2021 torstai National Bobblehead Day
7.1.2021 torstai National Pass Gas Day
7.1.2021 torstai National Tempura Day
7.1.2021 torstai 🪨Old Rock Day
8.1.2021 perjantai 🕺National Man Watchers Day
8.1.2021 perjantai National Winter Skin Relief Day
8.1.2021 perjantai 🛁Bubble Bath Day
8.1.2021 perjantai National JoyGerm Day
8.1.2021 perjantai 🌎Earth's Rotation Day
8.1.2021 perjantai Argyle Day
9.1.2021 lauantai 🎈Balloon Ascension Day
9.1.2021 lauantai National Word Nerd Day
9.1.2021 lauantai Play God Day
9.1.2021 lauantai Static Electricity Day
10.1.2021 sunnuntai 🤪Peculiar People Day
10.1.2021 sunnuntai 👖No Pants Subway Ride Day
10.1.2021 sunnuntai Houseplant Appreciation Day
11.1.2021 maanantai Secret Pal Day
11.1.2021 maanantai World Sketchnote Day
11.1.2021 maanantai Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day
11.1.2021 maanantai National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day
11.1.2021 maanantai National Clean Off Your Desk Day
11.1.2021 maanantai 👧Girl Hug Boy Day
12.1.2021 tiistai Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day
12.1.2021 tiistai 💋Kiss A Ginger Day
12.1.2021 tiistai National Pharmacist Day
12.1.2021 tiistai National Poetry at Work Day
12.1.2021 tiistai National Shop for Travel Day
12.1.2021 tiistai Stick To Your New Year's Resolution Day
12.1.2021 tiistai Work Harder Day
13.1.2021 keskiviikko Make Your Dream Come True Day
13.1.2021 keskiviikko 🦆National Rubber Ducky Day
13.1.2021 keskiviikko National Sticker Day
14.1.2021 torstai 🐎Feast of the Ass
14.1.2021 torstai 🪁International Kite Day
14.1.2021 torstai 🥪Take a Missionary to Lunch Day
15.1.2021 perjantai 🎩National Hat Day
15.1.2021 perjantai National Pothole Day
16.1.2021 lauantai Nothing Day
16.1.2021 lauantai Printing Ink Day
16.1.2021 lauantai 🐉Appreciate a Dragon Day
16.1.2021 lauantai National Use Your Gift Card Day™
16.1.2021 lauantai National Good Teen Day
17.1.2021 sunnuntai Cable Car Day
17.1.2021 sunnuntai Ditch New Years Resolutions Day
17.1.2021 sunnuntai 🧑‍⚖️Judgment Day
17.1.2021 sunnuntai National Bootlegger's Day
17.1.2021 sunnuntai No Farting Day
18.1.2021 maanantai Blue Monday
18.1.2021 maanantai Winnie the Pooh Day
19.1.2021 tiistai 🧑‍🎨Artist as Outlaw Day
19.1.2021 tiistai 🍺Brew a Potion Day
19.1.2021 tiistai Good Memory Day
19.1.2021 tiistai Rid the World of Fad Diet and Gimmicks Day
19.1.2021 tiistai 🥫Tin Can Day
19.1.2021 tiistai World Quark Day
20.1.2021 keskiviikko National Disc Jockey Day
20.1.2021 keskiviikko Take a Walk Outdoors Day
20.1.2021 keskiviikko 🤳Museum Selfie Day
20.1.2021 keskiviikko Camcorder Day
21.1.2021 torstai International Playdate Day
21.1.2021 torstai 🫂National Hugging Day
21.1.2021 torstai One-Liners Day
21.1.2021 torstai Own Your Own Home Day
21.1.2021 torstai International Sweatpants Day
22.1.2021 perjantai Celebration of Life Day
22.1.2021 perjantai Come in From the Cold Day
22.1.2021 perjantai Dance of the Seven Veils Day
22.1.2021 perjantai National Polka Dot Day
23.1.2021 lauantai ✍️Handwriting Day
23.1.2021 lauantai Local Quilt Shop Day
23.1.2021 lauantai 🦶Measure Your Feet Day
23.1.2021 lauantai Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day
24.1.2021 sunnuntai National "Just Do It" Day
24.1.2021 sunnuntai Talk Like a Grizzled Prospector Day
24.1.2021 sunnuntai Compliment Day
24.1.2021 sunnuntai 😄Belly Laugh Day
24.1.2021 sunnuntai 🍺Beer Can Appreciation Day
25.1.2021 maanantai National Opposite Day
25.1.2021 maanantai Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day
25.1.2021 maanantai A Room of One's Own Day
25.1.2021 maanantai Fluoride Day
25.1.2021 maanantai Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
26.1.2021 tiistai National Plan for Vacation Day
26.1.2021 tiistai Speak Up and Succeed Day
26.1.2021 tiistai Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement
27.1.2021 keskiviikko Punch the Clock Day
27.1.2021 keskiviikko Thomas Crapper Day
27.1.2021 keskiviikko Library Shelfie Day
28.1.2021 torstai Clashing Clothes Day
28.1.2021 torstai Daisy Day
28.1.2021 torstai International LEGO® Day
28.1.2021 torstai Kazoo Day
28.1.2021 torstai Pop Art Day
28.1.2021 torstai Rattlesnake Roundup Day
28.1.2021 torstai Thank a Plugin Developer Day
29.1.2021 perjantai 😄National Fun at Work Day
29.1.2021 perjantai National Puzzle Day
29.1.2021 perjantai National Carnation Day
29.1.2021 perjantai Curmudgeons Day
29.1.2021 perjantai National Big Wig Day™
30.1.2021 lauantai National Escape Day
30.1.2021 lauantai National Inane Answering Message Day
30.1.2021 lauantai Yodel for Your Neighbors Day
31.1.2021 sunnuntai Scotch Tape Day
31.1.2021 sunnuntai 🫂Hug an Economist Day
31.1.2021 sunnuntai Hell is Freezing Over Day
31.1.2021 sunnuntai Brandy Alexander Day
31.1.2021 sunnuntai Backwards Day
1.2.2021 maanantai Hula in the Coola Day
1.2.2021 maanantai National Get Up Day
1.2.2021 maanantai National Serpent Day
1.2.2021 maanantai Robinson Crusoe Day
1.2.2021 maanantai Spunky Old Broads Day
2.2.2021 tiistai Lung Leavin' Day
2.2.2021 tiistai Self Renewal Day
2.2.2021 tiistai World Play Your Ukulele Day
2.2.2021 tiistai 🦔Hedgehog Day
2.2.2021 tiistai Heavenly Hash Day
2.2.2021 tiistai Groundhog Job Shadow Day
2.2.2021 tiistai 🐹Groundhog Day
3.2.2021 keskiviikko American Painters Day
3.2.2021 keskiviikko 🎂Elmo's Birthday
3.2.2021 keskiviikko 🧊National Cordova Ice Worm Day
3.2.2021 keskiviikko National Signing Day
3.2.2021 keskiviikko 💒National Wedding Ring Day
3.2.2021 keskiviikko Take a Cruise Day
3.2.2021 keskiviikko 🎵The Day the Music Died
4.2.2021 torstai National Quacker Day
4.2.2021 torstai National Hemp Day
4.2.2021 torstai Create a Vacuum Day
5.2.2021 perjantai Bubble Gum Day
5.2.2021 perjantai Give Kids a Smile Day
5.2.2021 perjantai Move Hollywood and Broadway to Lebanon, Pennsylvania Day
5.2.2021 perjantai National Fart Day
5.2.2021 perjantai 🚿National Shower with a Friend Day
5.2.2021 perjantai Western Monarch Day
5.2.2021 perjantai Working Naked Day
6.2.2021 lauantai 🦆Lame Duck Day
6.2.2021 lauantai Pay-a-Compliment Day
7.2.2021 sunnuntai Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbors Day
7.2.2021 sunnuntai Send a Card to a Friend Day
7.2.2021 sunnuntai 🌹Rose Day
7.2.2021 sunnuntai 💝Man Day
7.2.2021 sunnuntai International Clash Day
7.2.2021 sunnuntai "e" Day
7.2.2021 sunnuntai Dump Your Significant Jerk Day
7.2.2021 sunnuntai 💃Ballet Day
8.2.2021 maanantai Propose Day
8.2.2021 maanantai 😄Laugh and Get Rich Day
8.2.2021 maanantai 🪁National Kite Flying Day
8.2.2021 maanantai National Football Hangover Day
9.2.2021 tiistai Extraterrestrial Culture Day
9.2.2021 tiistai National Cut the Cord Day
9.2.2021 tiistai National Develop Alternative Vices Day
9.2.2021 tiistai National Toothache Day
9.2.2021 tiistai 🛁Read in the Bathtub Day
10.2.2021 keskiviikko National Flannel Day
10.2.2021 keskiviikko Plimsoll Day
10.2.2021 keskiviikko Teddy Day
10.2.2021 keskiviikko ☂️Umbrella Day
11.2.2021 torstai White Shirt Day
11.2.2021 torstai Promise Day
11.2.2021 torstai Pro Sports Wives Day
11.2.2021 torstai National Shut-in Visitation Day
11.2.2021 torstai National Peppermint Patty Day
11.2.2021 torstai Giving Hearts Day
11.2.2021 torstai 🎸Get Out Your Guitar Day
11.2.2021 torstai Be Electrific Day
11.2.2021 torstai National Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day
12.2.2021 perjantai National Lost Penny Day
12.2.2021 perjantai Oglethorpe Day
12.2.2021 perjantai Safety Pup Day
13.2.2021 lauantai Global Movie Day
13.2.2021 lauantai ❤️Madly in Love With Me Day
13.2.2021 lauantai Galentine's Day
13.2.2021 lauantai Get a Different Name Day
13.2.2021 lauantai Dream Your Sweet Day
14.2.2021 sunnuntai International Quirkyalone Day
14.2.2021 sunnuntai 🎡National Ferris Wheel Day
14.2.2021 sunnuntai National Have a Heart Day
14.2.2021 sunnuntai Race Relations Day
15.2.2021 maanantai St. Skeletor's Day
15.2.2021 maanantai National Gumdrop Day
15.2.2021 maanantai John Frum Day
15.2.2021 maanantai Annoy Squidward Day
16.2.2021 tiistai Do a Grouch a Favor Day
16.2.2021 tiistai Tim Tam Day
17.2.2021 keskiviikko My Way Day
17.2.2021 keskiviikko 🦀National Champion Crab Races Day
17.2.2021 keskiviikko Random Acts of Kindness Day
17.2.2021 keskiviikko Who Shall I Be Day
18.2.2021 torstai Pluto Day
18.2.2021 torstai ✈️Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day
19.2.2021 perjantai International Tug-of-War Day
19.2.2021 perjantai National Lash Day
19.2.2021 perjantai Prevent Plagiarism Day
20.2.2021 lauantai 📚Clean Out Your Bookcase Day
20.2.2021 lauantai National Handcuff Day
20.2.2021 lauantai Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day
20.2.2021 lauantai World Pangolin Day
21.2.2021 sunnuntai Card Reading Day
22.2.2021 maanantai Single Tasking Day
22.2.2021 maanantai Recreational Sports & Fitness Day
22.2.2021 maanantai Be Humble Day
22.2.2021 maanantai Play More Cards Day
23.2.2021 tiistai Curling is Cool Day
23.2.2021 tiistai National Tile Day
23.2.2021 tiistai 🎾Play Tennis Day
24.2.2021 keskiviikko Inconvenience Yourself Day
24.2.2021 keskiviikko National Trading Card Day
24.2.2021 keskiviikko Twin Peaks Day
25.2.2021 torstai Quiet Day
25.2.2021 torstai The Great American Spit Out
26.2.2021 perjantai 🧚Tell a Fairy Tale Day
26.2.2021 perjantai Thermos Bottle Day
26.2.2021 perjantai 🍶For Pete's Sake Day
26.2.2021 perjantai National Skip the Straw Day
26.2.2021 perjantai Levi Strauss Day
27.2.2021 lauantai 👅International Tongue Twister Contest Day
27.2.2021 lauantai National Retro Day
27.2.2021 lauantai 🧠No Brainer Day
27.2.2021 lauantai Open That Bottle Night
27.2.2021 lauantai Pokémon Day
28.2.2021 sunnuntai 🦷National Tooth Fairy Day
28.2.2021 sunnuntai Public Sleeping Day
28.2.2021 sunnuntai Global Scouse Day
28.2.2021 sunnuntai Car Keys and Small Change Day
28.2.2021 sunnuntai Floral Design Day
1.3.2021 maanantai National Time Refund Day
1.3.2021 maanantai World Compliment Day
1.3.2021 maanantai Plan a Solo Vacation Day
1.3.2021 maanantai Share a Smile Day
1.3.2021 maanantai 🏄National Surf and Turf Day
1.3.2021 maanantai International Underlings Day
1.3.2021 maanantai 😄Fun Facts About Names Day
1.3.2021 maanantai Bachelor's Day
2.3.2021 tiistai Dr. Seuss Day
2.3.2021 tiistai Old Stuff Day
3.3.2021 keskiviikko 😄I Want You to be Happy Day
3.3.2021 keskiviikko National Cold Cuts Day
3.3.2021 keskiviikko 🌼Peach Blossom Day
3.3.2021 keskiviikko 🧑‍🦼Talk in Third Person Day
4.3.2021 torstai Toy Soldier Day
4.3.2021 torstai National Dance the Waltz Day
4.3.2021 torstai 🥁Marching Music Day
4.3.2021 torstai March Forth
4.3.2021 torstai 🫂Hug a GI Day
4.3.2021 torstai Holy Experiment Day
4.3.2021 torstai Courageous Follower Day
5.3.2021 perjantai 👗Dress in Blue Day
5.3.2021 perjantai Middle Name Pride Day
6.3.2021 lauantai National Day of Unplugging
6.3.2021 lauantai 👗National Dress Day
7.3.2021 sunnuntai Plant Power Day
7.3.2021 sunnuntai National Be Heard Day
7.3.2021 sunnuntai Namesake Day
7.3.2021 sunnuntai Finisher's Medal Day
7.3.2021 sunnuntai Doodle Day
7.3.2021 - 13.3.2021 sunnuntai - lauantai Celebrate Your Name Week
8.3.2021 maanantai Be Nasty Day
8.3.2021 maanantai Fill Our Staplers Day
9.3.2021 tiistai Barbie Day
9.3.2021 tiistai False Teeth Day
9.3.2021 tiistai Get Over It Day
9.3.2021 tiistai Unique Names Day
10.3.2021 keskiviikko 🥪Pack Your Lunch Day
10.3.2021 keskiviikko Mario Day
10.3.2021 keskiviikko International Day of Awesomeness
10.3.2021 keskiviikko International Bagpipe Day
10.3.2021 keskiviikko Discover What Your Name Means Day
10.3.2021 keskiviikko Festival of Life in the Cracks Day
11.3.2021 torstai Debunking Day
11.3.2021 torstai Dream Day
11.3.2021 torstai Nametag Day
11.3.2021 torstai 🛐Worship of Tools Day
12.3.2021 perjantai National Alfred Hitchcock Day
12.3.2021 perjantai Plant a Flower Day
13.3.2021 lauantai Ken Day
13.3.2021 lauantai ☂️National Open an Umbrella Indoors Day
13.3.2021 lauantai International Fanny Pack Day
13.3.2021 lauantai Jewel Day
13.3.2021 lauantai Earmuff Day
14.3.2021 sunnuntai International Ask a Question Day
14.3.2021 sunnuntai National Dry Shampoo Day
14.3.2021 sunnuntai ✍️National Write Your Story Day
14.3.2021 sunnuntai 🥩Steak and BJ day
15.3.2021 maanantai True Confessions Day
15.3.2021 maanantai National Workplace Napping Day
15.3.2021 maanantai National Brutus Day
15.3.2021 maanantai International Eat An Animal For PETA Day
15.3.2021 maanantai Everything You Think is Wrong Day
15.3.2021 maanantai Dumbstruck Day
15.3.2021 maanantai 😄Act Happy Day
16.3.2021 tiistai Black Press Day
16.3.2021 tiistai Curlew Day
16.3.2021 tiistai Everything You Do is Right Day
16.3.2021 tiistai Lips Appreciation Day
17.3.2021 keskiviikko 🔥Camp Fire Girls Day
18.3.2021 torstai Supreme Sacrifice Day
18.3.2021 torstai Awkward Moments Day
18.3.2021 torstai Absolutely Incredible Kid Day®
19.3.2021 perjantai 😄Let's Laugh Day
20.3.2021 lauantai 📚Bibliomania Day
20.3.2021 lauantai Extraterrestrial Abductions Day
20.3.2021 lauantai Hufflepuff Pride Day
20.3.2021 lauantai International Day of Happiness
20.3.2021 lauantai National Jump Out! Day
20.3.2021 lauantai 💋National Kiss Your Fiancé Day
20.3.2021 lauantai Quilting Day
20.3.2021 lauantai 🥩Steak and Knobber Day
20.3.2021 lauantai Won't You Be My Neighbor Day
21.3.2021 sunnuntai World Puppetry Day
21.3.2021 sunnuntai Slytherin Pride Day
21.3.2021 sunnuntai National Countdown Day
21.3.2021 sunnuntai Memory Day
21.3.2021 sunnuntai Fragrance Day
22.3.2021 maanantai National Sing Out Day
22.3.2021 maanantai As Young as You Feel Day
22.3.2021 maanantai National Goof-off Day
22.3.2021 maanantai Gryffindor Pride Day
23.3.2021 tiistai Near Miss Day
23.3.2021 tiistai Ravenclaw Pride Day
23.3.2021 tiistai OK Day
25.3.2021 torstai Old New Year's Day
25.3.2021 torstai Tolkien Reading Day
26.3.2021 perjantai National Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
26.3.2021 perjantai No Homework Day
26.3.2021 perjantai Purple Day
26.3.2021 perjantai Solitude Day
27.3.2021 lauantai 🎵Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
27.3.2021 lauantai Joe Day
27.3.2021 lauantai International Scribble Day
27.3.2021 lauantai Celebrate Exchange Day
28.3.2021 sunnuntai National Hot Tub Day
28.3.2021 sunnuntai Neighbour Day
28.3.2021 sunnuntai Weed Appreciation Day
29.3.2021 maanantai Good Deeds Day
29.3.2021 maanantai Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day
29.3.2021 maanantai Piano Day
29.3.2021 maanantai Smoke and Mirrors Day
30.3.2021 tiistai ✏️Pencil Day
30.3.2021 tiistai 🏞️Take a Walk in the Park Day
30.3.2021 tiistai Grass is Always Browner on the Other Side of the Fence Day
30.3.2021 tiistai National Virtual Vacation Day
30.3.2021 tiistai I am in Control Day
30.3.2021 tiistai National Doctors Day
31.3.2021 keskiviikko 😄National "She's Funny That Way" Day
31.3.2021 keskiviikko National Prom Day
31.3.2021 keskiviikko 🖍️National Crayon Day
31.3.2021 keskiviikko National Bunsen Burner Day
31.3.2021 keskiviikko International Quit Your Crappy Job Day
31.3.2021 keskiviikko International Cleavage Day
31.3.2021 keskiviikko Eiffel Tower Day
31.3.2021 keskiviikko Dance Marathon Day
31.3.2021 keskiviikko 🖍️Crayola Crayon Day
1.4.2021 torstai Tell a Lie Day
1.4.2021 torstai St. Stupid Day
1.4.2021 torstai Sorry Charlie Day
1.4.2021 torstai 😄Reading is Funny Day
1.4.2021 torstai National Trombone Players Day
1.4.2021 torstai National One Cent Day
1.4.2021 torstai National Jump in Muddy Puddles Day
1.4.2021 torstai Lupus Alert Day
1.4.2021 torstai 😄International Fun at Work Day
1.4.2021 torstai 📚International Edible Book Festival
1.4.2021 torstai Fossil Fools Day
1.4.2021 torstai Boomer Bonus Day
1.4.2021 torstai International Tatting Day
3.4.2021 lauantai National DIY Day
3.4.2021 lauantai World Party Day
3.4.2021 lauantai Weed Out Hate: Sow The Seeds of Greatness Day
3.4.2021 lauantai Tweed Day
3.4.2021 lauantai Tangible Karma Day
3.4.2021 lauantai International Pillow Fight Day
3.4.2021 lauantai 🌈Find a Rainbow Day
3.4.2021 lauantai 🐾Every Day is Tag Day
3.4.2021 lauantai 😄Don't Go to Work Unless it's Fun Day
3.4.2021 lauantai Armenian Appreciation Day
3.4.2021 lauantai 🎪American Circus Day
4.4.2021 sunnuntai 404 Day
4.4.2021 sunnuntai 🫂Hug a Newsperson Day
4.4.2021 sunnuntai Walk Around Things Day
5.4.2021 maanantai National Flash Drive Day
5.4.2021 maanantai 🗺️Read a Road Map Day
5.4.2021 maanantai 😄National Fun Day
5.4.2021 maanantai 🔔Bell Bottoms Day
5.4.2021 maanantai National Dandelion day
5.4.2021 maanantai Go For Broke Day
5.4.2021 maanantai First Contact Day
6.4.2021 tiistai Jump Over Things Day
6.4.2021 tiistai Tartan Day
6.4.2021 tiistai Teflon Day
7.4.2021 keskiviikko International Snailpapers Day
7.4.2021 keskiviikko National Making The First Move Day®
7.4.2021 keskiviikko National No Housework Day
8.4.2021 torstai All is Ours Day
8.4.2021 torstai International Feng Shui Awareness Day
8.4.2021 torstai National Idiot Day
8.4.2021 torstai Step into the Spotlight! Day
8.4.2021 torstai Trading Cards For Grown-ups Day
9.4.2021 perjantai 🦄National Unicorn Day
9.4.2021 perjantai National Dive Bar Day
9.4.2021 perjantai 👂Jenkins' Ear Day
9.4.2021 perjantai National Cherish an Antique Day
9.4.2021 perjantai Name Yourself Day
9.4.2021 perjantai Appomattox Day
10.4.2021 lauantai Slow Art Day
11.4.2021 sunnuntai Submarine Day
11.4.2021 sunnuntai Barbershop Quartet Day
11.4.2021 sunnuntai National Eight-Track Tape Day
11.4.2021 sunnuntai International Louie Louie Day
12.4.2021 maanantai Big Wind Day
12.4.2021 maanantai Drop Everything and Read Day
12.4.2021 maanantai Walk on Your Wild Side Day
12.4.2021 maanantai Wear a Star Day
13.4.2021 tiistai Scrabble Day
13.4.2021 tiistai International Be Kind To Lawyers Day
14.4.2021 keskiviikko 🍰Cake and Cunnilingus Day
14.4.2021 keskiviikko Dreams of Reason Feast Day
14.4.2021 keskiviikko 🌸International Day of Pink
14.4.2021 keskiviikko 😄International Moment of Laughter Day
14.4.2021 keskiviikko Look up at the Sky Day
14.4.2021 keskiviikko Reach as High as You Can Day
15.4.2021 torstai Rubber Eraser Day
15.4.2021 torstai Take a Wild Guess Day
15.4.2021 torstai High Five Day
15.4.2021 torstai National That Sucks Day
15.4.2021 torstai Anime Day
15.4.2021 torstai National Griper's Day
16.4.2021 perjantai Foursquare Day
16.4.2021 perjantai National Bean Counters' Day
16.4.2021 perjantai National Orchid Day
16.4.2021 perjantai National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day
17.4.2021 lauantai National Kickball Day
17.4.2021 lauantai Nothing Like a Dame Day
17.4.2021 lauantai International Ford Mustang Day
17.4.2021 lauantai Malbec World Day
17.4.2021 lauantai Blah, Blah, Blah Day
18.4.2021 sunnuntai 🪁Go Fly a Kite Day
18.4.2021 sunnuntai National Lineman Appreciation Day
19.4.2021 maanantai 🚲Bicycle Day
19.4.2021 maanantai 😄Humorous Day
19.4.2021 maanantai National Hanging Out Day
20.4.2021 tiistai Weed Day
20.4.2021 tiistai Look Alike Day
21.4.2021 keskiviikko Big Word Day
21.4.2021 keskiviikko Keep Off the Grass Day
21.4.2021 keskiviikko 🦇National Yellow Bat Day
21.4.2021 keskiviikko San Jacinto Day
21.4.2021 keskiviikko Thank You for Libraries Day
22.4.2021 torstai April Showers Day
22.4.2021 torstai Love Your Thighs Day
23.4.2021 perjantai 🐉Slay a Dragon Day
23.4.2021 perjantai Talk Like Shakespeare Day
23.4.2021 perjantai Take a Chance Day
23.4.2021 perjantai 👃International Nose Picking Day
23.4.2021 perjantai National Picnic Day
23.4.2021 perjantai ❤️Lover's Day
23.4.2021 perjantai 🧑‍🚀Impossible Astronaut Day
24.4.2021 lauantai National Day of Puppetry
24.4.2021 lauantai New Kids on the Block Day
24.4.2021 lauantai World Tai Chi and Qigong Day
25.4.2021 sunnuntai Red Hat Society Day
25.4.2021 sunnuntai National Mani-Pedi Day
25.4.2021 sunnuntai 🫂Hug A Plumber Day
25.4.2021 sunnuntai National Crayola Day
26.4.2021 maanantai Get Organized Day
26.4.2021 maanantai 🫂Hug a Friend Day
26.4.2021 maanantai 🫂Hug an Australian Day
26.4.2021 maanantai National Static Cling Day
27.4.2021 tiistai Morse Code Day
27.4.2021 tiistai Tell a Story Day
27.4.2021 tiistai World Tapir Day
28.4.2021 keskiviikko 🦸National Superhero Day
28.4.2021 keskiviikko Pay it Forward Day
28.4.2021 keskiviikko Clean Comedy Day
28.4.2021 keskiviikko National Cubicle Day
28.4.2021 keskiviikko 💋Kiss Your Mate Day
28.4.2021 keskiviikko Biological Clock Day
29.4.2021 torstai Thank You Thursday
29.4.2021 torstai Viral Video Day
29.4.2021 torstai We Jump the World Day
29.4.2021 torstai Zipper Day
30.4.2021 perjantai Poem in your Pocket Day
30.4.2021 perjantai National Military Brats Day
30.4.2021 perjantai 🧸Day of the Child
30.4.2021 perjantai National Arbor Day
30.4.2021 perjantai Hairstyle Appreciation Day
30.4.2021 perjantai Bugs Bunny Day
1.5.2021 lauantai 🍺Beer Pong Day
1.5.2021 lauantai 📚National Scrapbooking Day
1.5.2021 lauantai Worthy Wage Day
1.5.2021 lauantai World Naked Gardening Day
1.5.2021 lauantai Silver Star Service Banner Day
1.5.2021 lauantai 🏫School Principals' Day
1.5.2021 lauantai Pilates Day
1.5.2021 lauantai Phone in Sick Day
1.5.2021 lauantai National Start Seeing Monarchs Day
1.5.2021 lauantai CSS Reboot Day
1.5.2021 lauantai Mother Goose Day
1.5.2021 lauantai Lei Day
1.5.2021 lauantai Law Day
1.5.2021 lauantai 🧑‍🤝‍🧑Join Hands Day
1.5.2021 lauantai ❤️Global Love Day
1.5.2021 lauantai ✈️Frequent Flyer Day
1.5.2021 lauantai 📚Free Comic Book Day
1.5.2021 lauantai Loyalty Day
2.5.2021 sunnuntai 😄World Laughter Day
2.5.2021 sunnuntai 👶Take a Baby to Lunch Day
2.5.2021 sunnuntai National Play Your Ukulele Day
2.5.2021 sunnuntai 🏍️Motorcycle Mass and Blessing of the Bikes Day
3.5.2021 maanantai National Two Different Colored Shoes Day®
3.5.2021 maanantai Lumpy Rug Day
3.5.2021 maanantai National Meeting Planners Appreciation Day
3.5.2021 maanantai National Textiles Day
3.5.2021 maanantai Paranormal Day
3.5.2021 maanantai ☀️Sun Day
3.5.2021 maanantai Wordsmith Day
4.5.2021 tiistai 👽Star Wars Day
4.5.2021 tiistai World Give Day
4.5.2021 tiistai Poem on Your Pillow Day
4.5.2021 tiistai Renewal Day
4.5.2021 tiistai Petite and Proud Day
5.5.2021 keskiviikko GivingTuesdayNow
5.5.2021 keskiviikko Great American Grump Out
5.5.2021 keskiviikko 🤳Hug a Shed and Take a Selfie Day
5.5.2021 keskiviikko Nail Day
5.5.2021 keskiviikko Revenge of the Fifth
6.5.2021 torstai No Homework Day
7.5.2021 perjantai 🏫School Lunch Hero Day
7.5.2021 perjantai National Public Gardens Day
7.5.2021 perjantai Paste Up Day
7.5.2021 perjantai No Pants Day
8.5.2021 lauantai 🧦No Socks Day
8.5.2021 lauantai Windmill Day
8.5.2021 lauantai Stay Up All Night Night
8.5.2021 lauantai World Belly Dance Day
8.5.2021 lauantai National Miniature Golf Day
8.5.2021 lauantai 🌊Mother Ocean Day
8.5.2021 lauantai Iris Day
8.5.2021 lauantai International Viking Day
9.5.2021 sunnuntai Hurray for Buttons Day
9.5.2021 sunnuntai 🧦Lost Sock Memorial Day
9.5.2021 sunnuntai Tear the Tags Off the Mattress Day
10.5.2021 maanantai Clean Up Your Room Day
10.5.2021 maanantai Trust Your Intuition Day
11.5.2021 tiistai Twilight Zone Day
12.5.2021 keskiviikko Limerick Day
13.5.2021 torstai 🌷Tulip Day
13.5.2021 torstai Top Gun Day
13.5.2021 torstai Leprechaun Day
13.5.2021 torstai Cough Drop Day
15.5.2021 lauantai Preakness Stakes
15.5.2021 lauantai Shades Day
15.5.2021 lauantai 🎵Relive Your Past By Listening to the First Music You Ever Bought No Matter What It Was No Excuses Day
15.5.2021 lauantai Straw Hat Day
15.5.2021 lauantai 🍋Plant a Lemon Tree Day
15.5.2021 lauantai Nylon Stockings Day
15.5.2021 lauantai National Safety Dose Day
15.5.2021 lauantai Bring Flowers to Someone Day
16.5.2021 sunnuntai 🌲Love a Tree Day
16.5.2021 sunnuntai National Piercing Day
17.5.2021 maanantai 🍄National Mushroom Hunting Day
17.5.2021 maanantai 🐀National Pack Rat Day
18.5.2021 tiistai Mother Whistler Day
18.5.2021 tiistai No Dirty Dishes Day
18.5.2021 tiistai Send an Electronic Greeting Card Day
19.5.2021 keskiviikko World Fiddle Day
20.5.2021 torstai 📚National Notebook Day
20.5.2021 torstai International Clinical Trials Day
20.5.2021 torstai Everybody Draw Mohammed Day
20.5.2021 torstai Brown Bag It Thursday
20.5.2021 torstai 💰Be a Millionaire Day
21.5.2021 perjantai I Need a Patch for That Day
21.5.2021 perjantai 📝Memo Day
21.5.2021 perjantai O. Henry Pun-off Day
21.5.2021 perjantai Rapture Party Day
21.5.2021 perjantai 👃Red Nose Day
22.5.2021 lauantai Sherlock Holmes Day
22.5.2021 lauantai National Solitaire Day
22.5.2021 lauantai Harvey Milk Day
22.5.2021 lauantai 🎻Buy a Musical Instrument Day
23.5.2021 sunnuntai Declaration of the Bab Day
23.5.2021 sunnuntai Lucky Penny Day
24.5.2021 maanantai International Tiara Day
24.5.2021 maanantai Scavenger Hunt Day
25.5.2021 tiistai Geek Pride Day
25.5.2021 tiistai National Brown-Bag-It Day
25.5.2021 tiistai National Tap Dance Day
25.5.2021 tiistai Towel Day
26.5.2021 keskiviikko 🧑‍🦰World Redhead Day
26.5.2021 keskiviikko 🧛World Dracula Day
26.5.2021 keskiviikko ✈️National Paper Airplane Day
27.5.2021 torstai Cellophane Tape Day
27.5.2021 torstai 🧠National Gray Day
27.5.2021 torstai Nothing to Fear Day
27.5.2021 torstai Old-Time Player Piano Day
28.5.2021 perjantai 🌞Don't Fry Day
28.5.2021 perjantai National Death Busters Day
28.5.2021 perjantai National Title Track Day
28.5.2021 perjantai National Wig Out Day
28.5.2021 perjantai The Slugs Return From Capistrano Day
29.5.2021 lauantai Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day
29.5.2021 lauantai Paper Clip Day
30.5.2021 sunnuntai 🪣My Bucket's Got A Hole In It Day
30.5.2021 sunnuntai Ronnie James Dio Day
30.5.2021 sunnuntai Water a Flower Day
31.5.2021 maanantai National Meditation Day
31.5.2021 maanantai National Smile Day
31.5.2021 maanantai Speak in Complete Sentences Day
31.5.2021 maanantai What You Think Upon Grows Day
1.6.2021 tiistai New Year's Resolution Recommitment Day
1.6.2021 tiistai 👗Wear A Dress Day
1.6.2021 tiistai Say Something Nice Day
1.6.2021 tiistai Oscar The Grouch Day
1.6.2021 tiistai 🚢Don't Give Up The Ship Day
1.6.2021 tiistai 🖊️National Pen Pal Day
1.6.2021 tiistai National Go Barefoot Day
1.6.2021 tiistai 🪙Flip a Coin Day
1.6.2021 tiistai Dare Day
1.6.2021 tiistai 💅National Nail Polish Day
2.6.2021 keskiviikko Bubba Day
2.6.2021 keskiviikko Global Running Day
2.6.2021 keskiviikko I Love My Dentist Day
2.6.2021 keskiviikko National Leave the Office Early Day
2.6.2021 keskiviikko Yell "Fudge" at the Cobras in North America Day
3.6.2021 torstai World Clubfoot Day
3.6.2021 torstai Impersonate Authority Day
3.6.2021 torstai Repeat Day
3.6.2021 torstai National Itch Day
4.6.2021 perjantai Audacity to Hope Day
4.6.2021 perjantai 🫂Hug an Atheist Day
4.6.2021 perjantai Old Maid's Day
4.6.2021 perjantai 🛒Shopping Cart Day
5.6.2021 lauantai National Trails Day®
5.6.2021 lauantai National Cheer Coach Day
5.6.2021 lauantai National Prairie Day
5.6.2021 lauantai Festival of Popular Delusions Day
5.6.2021 lauantai 🐻National Black Bear Day
5.6.2021 lauantai Hot Air Balloon Day
5.6.2021 lauantai Drawing Day
6.6.2021 sunnuntai Drive-in Movie Day
6.6.2021 sunnuntai Gardening Exercise Day
6.6.2021 sunnuntai 🪀Yo-Yo Day
7.6.2021 maanantai Thank God It's Monday Day
8.6.2021 tiistai Betty Picnic Day
8.6.2021 tiistai Call Your Doctor Day
8.6.2021 tiistai Upsy Daisy Day
9.6.2021 keskiviikko 🦆Donald Duck Day
9.6.2021 keskiviikko National Earl Day
10.6.2021 torstai 🖊️Ballpoint Pen Day
11.6.2021 perjantai National Making Life Beautiful Day
12.6.2021 lauantai Worldwide Knit in Public Day
12.6.2021 lauantai Superman Day
12.6.2021 lauantai 🔧National Automotive Service Professionals Day
12.6.2021 lauantai 🌹Red Rose Day
12.6.2021 lauantai 💿Record Store Day
12.6.2021 lauantai 🧖Finnish sauna day
13.6.2021 sunnuntai 🥎World Softball Day
13.6.2021 sunnuntai Race Unity Day
13.6.2021 sunnuntai Weed Your Garden Day
13.6.2021 sunnuntai 🤚🏻Random Acts of Light Day
14.6.2021 maanantai 👪Family History Day
14.6.2021 maanantai Pop Goes The Weasel Day
15.6.2021 tiistai National Electricity Day
15.6.2021 tiistai Smile Power Day
15.6.2021 tiistai Global Wind Day
15.6.2021 tiistai 🪁Fly a Kite Day
15.6.2021 tiistai 💋National Kiss a Wookiee Day
16.6.2021 keskiviikko Bloomsday
16.6.2021 keskiviikko No Orange Clothes Day
16.6.2021 keskiviikko Wish Fulfillment Day
17.6.2021 torstai Recess at Work Day
17.6.2021 torstai Seersucker Thursday
17.6.2021 torstai 🐊World Croc Day
18.6.2021 perjantai National Flip Flop Day
18.6.2021 perjantai Splurge Day
18.6.2021 perjantai International Panic Day
18.6.2021 perjantai International Picnic Day
18.6.2021 perjantai Go Fishing Day
19.6.2021 lauantai 🏄International Surfing Day
19.6.2021 lauantai World Wide Hollerin' Festival
20.6.2021 sunnuntai Belmont Stakes
20.6.2021 sunnuntai International Ragweed Day
20.6.2021 sunnuntai National Hike with a Geek Day
20.6.2021 sunnuntai New Identity Day
20.6.2021 sunnuntai Toad Hollow Day of Thank You
21.6.2021 maanantai ☀️Cuckoo Warning Day
21.6.2021 maanantai Go Skateboarding Day
21.6.2021 maanantai ☀️National Seashell Day
21.6.2021 maanantai 🤳National Selfie Day
21.6.2021 maanantai 🏍️Ride to Work Day
21.6.2021 maanantai ☀️The Longest Day
22.6.2021 tiistai Stupid Guy Thing Day
23.6.2021 keskiviikko 🦩Pink Flamingo Day
23.6.2021 keskiviikko 🤳Runner's Selfie Day
23.6.2021 keskiviikko 🌸National Pink Day
23.6.2021 keskiviikko Let It Go Day
24.6.2021 torstai 🏊Swim a Lap Day
24.6.2021 torstai World UFO Day
25.6.2021 perjantai Bourdain Day
25.6.2021 perjantai Global Beatles Day
25.6.2021 perjantai Leon Day
25.6.2021 perjantai Mitch Lane Day
26.6.2021 lauantai Great American Picnic Day
26.6.2021 lauantai Great American Campout
26.6.2021 lauantai 🛶Canoe Day
26.6.2021 lauantai Global Smurfs Day
26.6.2021 lauantai Beautician's Day
26.6.2021 lauantai 🍹Bartender and Mixologist Day
27.6.2021 sunnuntai 🎂"Happy Birthday to You" Day
27.6.2021 sunnuntai 💍Decide to Be Married Day
27.6.2021 sunnuntai 🏠Log Cabin Day
27.6.2021 sunnuntai National Bingo Day
27.6.2021 sunnuntai 🌼National Orange Blossom Day
27.6.2021 sunnuntai 🕶️Sunglasses Day
28.6.2021 maanantai τTau Day
29.6.2021 tiistai 📷National Camera Day
29.6.2021 tiistai 🫂Hug Holiday Day
30.6.2021 keskiviikko 🏎️Drive Your Corvette to Work Day
1.7.2021 torstai Blink-182 Day
1.7.2021 torstai Devotion to Duty Day
1.7.2021 torstai 🐦Early Bird Day
1.7.2021 torstai 😂International Joke Day
1.7.2021 torstai 🎸International Reggae Day™
2.7.2021 perjantai Comic Sans Day
2.7.2021 perjantai I Forgot Day
3.7.2021 lauantai Plastic Bag Free Day
3.7.2021 lauantai 🪞National Compliment Your Mirror Day
3.7.2021 lauantai 🍒International Cherry Pit Spitting Day
3.7.2021 lauantai Hop-a-Park Day
3.7.2021 lauantai 🧑‍🌾American Redneck Day
4.7.2021 sunnuntai Alice in Wonderland Day
4.7.2021 sunnuntai Build a Scarecrow Day
4.7.2021 sunnuntai 🪕Country Music Day
4.7.2021 sunnuntai Indivisible Day
4.7.2021 sunnuntai Invisible Day
5.7.2021 maanantai 👙Bikini Day
5.7.2021 maanantai 🖊️Mechanical Pencil Day
6.7.2021 tiistai 🫂Virtually Hug a Virtual Assistant Day
6.7.2021 tiistai 🥪Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day
6.7.2021 tiistai ☂️Umbrella Cover Day
6.7.2021 tiistai 💋International Kissing Day
7.7.2021 keskiviikko Tell the Truth Day
8.7.2021 torstai 🧒Be a Kid Again Day
8.7.2021 torstai 🧮Math 2.0 Day
9.7.2021 perjantai Call of the Horizon Day
9.7.2021 perjantai Collector Car Appreciation Day
9.7.2021 perjantai Fashion Day
9.7.2021 perjantai National Don't Put all your Eggs in One Omelet Day
10.7.2021 lauantai 🐝Don't Step on a Bee Day
10.7.2021 lauantai 🫐Pick Blueberries Day
10.7.2021 lauantai 🧸Teddy Bear Picnic Day
11.7.2021 sunnuntai Barn Day
11.7.2021 sunnuntai Bowdler's Day
11.7.2021 sunnuntai Cheer Up the Lonely Day
12.7.2021 maanantai New Conversations Day
12.7.2021 maanantai Simplicity Day
12.7.2021 maanantai Paper Bag Day
12.7.2021 maanantai National Eat Your Jell-O Day
12.7.2021 maanantai International Town Criers Day
12.7.2021 maanantai Etch A Sketch Day
12.7.2021 maanantai 👀Different Colored Eyes Day
13.7.2021 tiistai Fool's Paradise Day
13.7.2021 tiistai Go West Day
13.7.2021 tiistai Gruntled Workers Day
14.7.2021 keskiviikko National Tape Measure Day
14.7.2021 keskiviikko Nude Day
14.7.2021 keskiviikko Pandemonium Day
15.7.2021 torstai Saint Swithin's Day
15.7.2021 torstai National Be a Dork Day
15.7.2021 torstai National Give Something Away Day
15.7.2021 torstai 🐎I Love Horses Day
16.7.2021 perjantai 🧑‍🍳National Personal Chef Day
17.7.2021 lauantai National Woodie Wagon Day
17.7.2021 lauantai 💿Record Store Day
17.7.2021 lauantai Toss Away the "Could Haves" and "Should Haves" Day
17.7.2021 lauantai World Emoji Day
17.7.2021 lauantai Wrong Way Corrigan Day
17.7.2021 lauantai Yellow Pigs Day
18.7.2021 sunnuntai Insurance Nerd Day
19.7.2021 maanantai 👅Stick Out Your Tongue Day
19.7.2021 maanantai New Friends Day
19.7.2021 maanantai National Get Out of the Doghouse Day®
19.7.2021 maanantai 🫂Global Hug Your Kids Day
20.7.2021 tiistai Nap Day
20.7.2021 tiistai World Jump Day
20.7.2021 tiistai 🚚National Ugly Truck Contest Day
21.7.2021 keskiviikko Legal Drinking Age Day
21.7.2021 keskiviikko National Tug-Of-War Tournament Day
21.7.2021 keskiviikko 🐒Take a Monkey to Lunch Day
21.7.2021 keskiviikko Take Your Poet to Work Day
22.7.2021 torstai Spoonerism Day
22.7.2021 torstai Summer Leisure Day
22.7.2021 torstai Lion's Share Day
22.7.2021 torstai πPi Approximation Day
22.7.2021 torstai National Refreshment Day
22.7.2021 torstai Hammock Day
23.7.2021 perjantai Hot Enough For Ya Day
23.7.2021 perjantai World Sjögren's Day
23.7.2021 perjantai Yada, Yada, Yada Day
24.7.2021 lauantai National Drive-Thru Day
24.7.2021 lauantai 😂National Tell an Old Joke Day
24.7.2021 lauantai Cousins Day
24.7.2021 lauantai Amelia Earhart Day
25.7.2021 sunnuntai National Carousel Day
25.7.2021 sunnuntai 🧵Thread the Needle Day
26.7.2021 maanantai All or Nothing Day
27.7.2021 tiistai Bagpipe Appreciation Day
27.7.2021 tiistai Gary Gygax Day
27.7.2021 tiistai Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day
27.7.2021 tiistai 👖Take Your Pants for a Walk Day
27.7.2021 tiistai Walk on Stilts Day
28.7.2021 keskiviikko National Waterpark Day
29.7.2021 torstai 💄National Lipstick Day
29.7.2021 torstai 🌧️Rain Day
30.7.2021 perjantai National Get Gnarly Day
30.7.2021 perjantai 🛗National Talk in an Elevator Day
30.7.2021 perjantai 📚Paperback Book Day
30.7.2021 perjantai 🫂Share a Hug Day
30.7.2021 perjantai 🤿World Snorkeling Day
31.7.2021 lauantai World Ranger Day
1.8.2021 sunnuntai Yorkshire Day
1.8.2021 sunnuntai Spider-Man Day
1.8.2021 sunnuntai 🧣Scout Scarf Day
1.8.2021 sunnuntai Psychic Day
1.8.2021 sunnuntai Rounds Resounding Day
1.8.2021 sunnuntai Play Ball Day
1.8.2021 sunnuntai Planner Day
1.8.2021 sunnuntai National Doll Day
2.8.2021 maanantai 🦖Dinosaurs Day
2.8.2021 maanantai 📚National Coloring Book Day
3.8.2021 tiistai 🛩️Airplane Crop Duster Day
3.8.2021 tiistai 🧹Clean Your Floors Day
3.8.2021 tiistai Esther Day
3.8.2021 tiistai National Night Out™
4.8.2021 keskiviikko Hooray for Kids Day
5.8.2021 torstai 🩲National Underwear Day
5.8.2021 torstai 🐕Work Like a Dog Day
6.8.2021 perjantai Balloons to Heaven Day
6.8.2021 perjantai 👶Corporate Baby Name Day
6.8.2021 perjantai 🚲Cycle to Work Day
6.8.2021 perjantai National Fresh Breath Day
6.8.2021 perjantai National Gossip Day
6.8.2021 perjantai 🦶Wiggle Your Toes Day
7.8.2021 lauantai Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day
7.8.2021 lauantai National Disc Golf Day
7.8.2021 lauantai National Sea Serpent Day
7.8.2021 lauantai Beach Party Day
8.8.2021 sunnuntai Happiness Happens Day
8.8.2021 sunnuntai Odie Day
8.8.2021 sunnuntai 🥒Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day
8.8.2021 sunnuntai Spirit of '45 Day
8.8.2021 sunnuntai The Date to Create
9.8.2021 maanantai 🧑‍🤝‍🧑National Hand Holding Day
9.8.2021 maanantai National Polka Day
10.8.2021 tiistai S'mores Day
10.8.2021 tiistai National Duran Duran Appreciation Day
10.8.2021 tiistai National Shapewear Day
10.8.2021 tiistai 🦥Lazy Day
11.8.2021 keskiviikko 🏖️Play in the Sand Day
11.8.2021 keskiviikko 😂Presidential Joke Day
12.8.2021 torstai 🪡National Sewing Machine Day
12.8.2021 torstai 🎙️Vinyl Record Day
13.8.2021 perjantai 🤞Blame Someone Else Day
14.8.2021 lauantai National Wiffle Ball Day
14.8.2021 lauantai National Tattoo Removal Day
14.8.2021 lauantai ✈️National Model Aviation Day
14.8.2021 lauantai National Garage Sale Day
14.8.2021 lauantai 📚Color Book Day
14.8.2021 lauantai 🎳National Bowling Day
15.8.2021 sunnuntai 🌝Chant at the Moon Day
15.8.2021 sunnuntai God's Preeminence Day
15.8.2021 sunnuntai 🤠I Love Cowboys and Cowgirls Day
15.8.2021 sunnuntai National Best Friends Day
15.8.2021 sunnuntai National Failures Day
15.8.2021 sunnuntai National Leathercraft Day
15.8.2021 sunnuntai National Relaxation Day
16.8.2021 maanantai Stay Home with Your Kids Day
16.8.2021 maanantai ❤️True Love Forever Day
16.8.2021 maanantai National Airborne Day
16.8.2021 maanantai 😂National Tell a Joke Day
16.8.2021 maanantai 🎢National Roller Coaster Day
17.8.2021 tiistai 🎈Balloon Airmail Day
17.8.2021 tiistai ✏️National #2 Pencil Day
17.8.2021 tiistai 🦶National I LOVE My Feet Day
17.8.2021 tiistai National Meaning of "Is" Day
17.8.2021 tiistai National Thrift Shop Day
18.8.2021 keskiviikko Serendipity Day
18.8.2021 keskiviikko National Bad Poetry Day
18.8.2021 keskiviikko Mail Order Catalog Day
20.8.2021 perjantai National Men's Grooming Day
21.8.2021 lauantai Break The Monotony Day
21.8.2021 lauantai International Geocaching Day
21.8.2021 lauantai National Brazilian Blowout Day
21.8.2021 lauantai Poet's Day
21.8.2021 lauantai World Honey Bee Day
22.8.2021 sunnuntai Never Bean Better Day
22.8.2021 sunnuntai Southern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day
23.8.2021 maanantai Valentino Day
23.8.2021 maanantai 🫂Hug Your Sweetheart Day
23.8.2021 maanantai Ride the Wind Day
23.8.2021 maanantai Daffodil Day
24.8.2021 tiistai Can Opener Day
24.8.2021 tiistai 🎵International Strange Music Day
24.8.2021 tiistai Pluto Demoted Day
24.8.2021 tiistai 🌠Shooting Star Day
25.8.2021 keskiviikko 💋Kiss and Make Up Day
25.8.2021 keskiviikko Willing-To-Lend-A-Hand Wednesday
26.8.2021 torstai 🚽Toilet Paper Day
26.8.2021 torstai 🧘🏽Musical Yoga Day
26.8.2021 torstai Make Your Own Luck Day
27.8.2021 perjantai Just Because Day
27.8.2021 perjantai 💋Kiss Me Day
27.8.2021 perjantai Tarzan Day
27.8.2021 perjantai ✂️World Rock Paper Scissors Day
27.8.2021 perjantai "The Duchess" Who Wasn't Day
28.8.2021 lauantai 📡Radio Commercial Day
28.8.2021 lauantai Speak Kind Words Saturday
28.8.2021 lauantai 🐁Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day
28.8.2021 lauantai National Power Rangers Day
28.8.2021 lauantai National Bow Tie Day
28.8.2021 lauantai International Read Comics in Public Day
28.8.2021 lauantai Dream Day Quest and Jubilee
29.8.2021 sunnuntai "According to Hoyle" Day
29.8.2021 sunnuntai Potteries Bottle Oven Day
30.8.2021 maanantai Frankenstein Day
30.8.2021 maanantai National Beach Day
30.8.2021 maanantai Slinky Day
31.8.2021 tiistai National Matchmaker Day
31.8.2021 tiistai We Love Memoirs Day
31.8.2021 tiistai Touch-A-Heart Tuesday
31.8.2021 tiistai National Diatomaceous Earth Day
31.8.2021 tiistai Love Litigating Lawyers Day
31.8.2021 tiistai Eat Outside Day
1.9.2021 keskiviikko Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day
1.9.2021 keskiviikko 🐔Chicken Boy's Day
1.9.2021 keskiviikko Global Talent Acquisition Day
1.9.2021 keskiviikko Lose Your Virginity Day
1.9.2021 keskiviikko National No Rhyme or Reason Day
1.9.2021 keskiviikko Pink Cadillac Day
1.9.2021 keskiviikko Toy Tips Executive Toy Test Day
1.9.2021 keskiviikko ✍️World Letter Writing Day
2.9.2021 torstai 📅Calendar Adjustment Day
2.9.2021 torstai Pierce Your Ears Day
2.9.2021 torstai Another Look Unlimited Day
2.9.2021 torstai Bison-ten Yell Day
2.9.2021 torstai Beheading Day
3.9.2021 perjantai Wear Teal Day
4.9.2021 lauantai National Hummingbird Day
4.9.2021 lauantai 📰National Newspaper Carrier Day
5.9.2021 sunnuntai Kentucky Derby
5.9.2021 sunnuntai National Be Late For Something Day
6.9.2021 maanantai Mouthguard Day
6.9.2021 maanantai 📚Read a Book Day
6.9.2021 maanantai Barbie Doll Day
6.9.2021 maanantai 🥚Great Egg Toss Day
6.9.2021 maanantai Fight Procrastination Day
7.9.2021 tiistai ❤️National Feel the Love Day
7.9.2021 tiistai Neither Snow Nor Rain Day
7.9.2021 tiistai Superhuman Day
7.9.2021 tiistai ☎️Telephone Tuesday
8.9.2021 keskiviikko National Ampersand Day
8.9.2021 keskiviikko Pardon Day
8.9.2021 keskiviikko Star Trek Day
9.9.2021 torstai 🧸Teddy Bear Day
9.9.2021 torstai Wonderful Weirdos Day
9.9.2021 torstai Care Bears Share Your Care Day
9.9.2021 torstai International Sudoku Day
9.9.2021 torstai 🍺International Buy a Priest a Beer Day
10.9.2021 perjantai Blame It on the Large Hadron Collider Day
10.9.2021 perjantai 🐎International Creepy Boston Dynamics Robotic Horse Day
10.9.2021 perjantai International Make-Up Day
10.9.2021 perjantai National Swap Ideas Day
10.9.2021 perjantai Sew Be It Day
11.9.2021 lauantai 🛏️Make Your Bed Day
11.9.2021 lauantai No News Is Good News Day
12.9.2021 sunnuntai Video Games Day
13.9.2021 maanantai 🦲Bald is Beautiful Day
13.9.2021 maanantai Defy Superstition Day
13.9.2021 maanantai 🫂Hug Your Boss Day
13.9.2021 maanantai I'm on Top of It Day
13.9.2021 maanantai Positive Thinking Day
13.9.2021 maanantai Supernatural Day
14.9.2021 tiistai National Live Creative Day
14.9.2021 tiistai National Coloring Day
15.9.2021 keskiviikko Batman Day
15.9.2021 keskiviikko Make a Hat Day
15.9.2021 keskiviikko National Felt Hat Day
15.9.2021 keskiviikko Someday
16.9.2021 torstai Collect Rocks Day
16.9.2021 torstai National Stay Away from Seattle Day
16.9.2021 torstai National Tattoo Story Day
16.9.2021 torstai Play-Doh Day
16.9.2021 torstai Wrinkled Raincoat Day
17.9.2021 perjantai National Table Shuffleboard Day
17.9.2021 perjantai Time's Up Day
18.9.2021 lauantai Big Whopper Liar Day
18.9.2021 lauantai Boys' and Girls' Club Day for Kids
18.9.2021 lauantai ✍️Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day
18.9.2021 lauantai Locate An Old Friend Day
18.9.2021 lauantai National CleanUp Day
19.9.2021 sunnuntai 🏴‍☠️International Talk Like a Pirate Day
19.9.2021 sunnuntai 🏴‍☠️Meow Like a Pirate Day
20.9.2021 maanantai National Gibberish Day
21.9.2021 tiistai Get Ready Day
21.9.2021 tiistai Escapology Day
22.9.2021 keskiviikko Chainmail Day
22.9.2021 keskiviikko Dear Diary Day
22.9.2021 keskiviikko National Hobbit Day
22.9.2021 keskiviikko National Legwear Day
22.9.2021 keskiviikko See You at the Pole
23.9.2021 torstai Innergize Day
23.9.2021 torstai National Checkers Day
24.9.2021 perjantai National Bluebird of Happiness Day
24.9.2021 perjantai Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving
24.9.2021 perjantai Festival of Latest Novelties
24.9.2021 perjantai Love Note Day
24.9.2021 perjantai Lash Stylists' Day
24.9.2021 perjantai 💋Kiss Day
25.9.2021 lauantai Binge Day
27.9.2021 maanantai National Crush a Can Day
28.9.2021 tiistai Ask a Stupid Question Day
28.9.2021 tiistai 🐟Fish Tank Floorshow Night
30.9.2021 torstai Blasphemy Day
30.9.2021 torstai Chewing Gum Day
30.9.2021 torstai National Love People Day
30.9.2021 torstai Orange Shirt Day
30.9.2021 torstai 🧘🏽The Time for Yoga
30.9.2021 torstai Thunderbirds Day
1.10.2021 perjantai National Hair Day
1.10.2021 perjantai Plaidurday
1.10.2021 perjantai National Lace Day
1.10.2021 perjantai World Smile Day®
1.10.2021 perjantai National Denim Day
1.10.2021 perjantai CD Player Day
1.10.2021 perjantai Model T Day
1.10.2021 perjantai Lincolnshire Day
1.10.2021 perjantai Less Than Perfect Day
2.10.2021 lauantai Card Making Day
2.10.2021 lauantai 📚Digital Scrapbooking Day
2.10.2021 lauantai 😄International Frugal Fun Day
2.10.2021 lauantai Phileas Fogg's Wager Day
3.10.2021 sunnuntai Look at the Leaves Day
3.10.2021 sunnuntai Mean Girls Appreciation Day
3.10.2021 sunnuntai 🛏️Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Day
3.10.2021 sunnuntai Change a Light Day
4.10.2021 maanantai 🧸Child Health Day
4.10.2021 maanantai Day of Unity
4.10.2021 maanantai International Toot Your Flute Day
4.10.2021 maanantai Ten-Four Day
4.10.2021 maanantai Blue Shirt Day®
5.10.2021 tiistai Chic Spy™ Day
5.10.2021 tiistai Do Something Nice Day
5.10.2021 tiistai James Bond Day
5.10.2021 tiistai National Get Funky Day
5.10.2021 tiistai 💋​National Kiss a Wrestler Day
6.10.2021 keskiviikko Random Acts of Poetry Day
6.10.2021 keskiviikko Come and Take It Day
6.10.2021 keskiviikko Mad Hatter Day
6.10.2021 keskiviikko Jackie Mayer Rehab Day
7.10.2021 torstai 🛁Bathtub Day
7.10.2021 torstai National LED Light Day
7.10.2021 torstai 🩸Team Margot Stem Cell and Bone Marrow Registration Day
7.10.2021 torstai You Matter to Me Day™
8.10.2021 perjantai American Touch Tag Day
9.10.2021 lauantai Scrubs Day
9.10.2021 lauantai Nautilus Night
9.10.2021 lauantai National Sneakers Day
9.10.2021 lauantai 🏍️National Motorcycle Ride Day
9.10.2021 lauantai 🎳National Kids Bowl Free Day
9.10.2021 lauantai National Costume Swap Day
9.10.2021 lauantai Curious Events Day
10.10.2021 sunnuntai 🫂Hug a Drummer Day
10.10.2021 sunnuntai International Stage Management Day
10.10.2021 sunnuntai 🫂National Hug-a-Kevin Day
10.10.2021 sunnuntai National Love Your Hair Day
10.10.2021 sunnuntai National Tuxedo Day
10.10.2021 sunnuntai Powers of Ten Day
11.10.2021 maanantai National Kick-Butt Day
11.10.2021 maanantai Kimberly Day
11.10.2021 maanantai Kraken Day
11.10.2021 maanantai It's My Party Day
12.10.2021 tiistai Ada Lovelace Day
12.10.2021 tiistai International Moment of Frustration Scream Day
13.10.2021 keskiviikko International Top Spinning Day
13.10.2021 keskiviikko 🧸National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work and School Day
13.10.2021 keskiviikko 🥪National Take your Parents to Lunch Day
13.10.2021 keskiviikko No Bra Day
13.10.2021 keskiviikko Silly Sayings Day
13.10.2021 keskiviikko Treat Yo' Self Day
14.10.2021 torstai 🧑‍🦲Be Bald and Be Free Day
14.10.2021 torstai National lowercase day
15.10.2021 perjantai "I Love Lucy" Day
15.10.2021 perjantai National Grouch Day
15.10.2021 perjantai National Pug Day
15.10.2021 perjantai Sewing Lovers Day
16.10.2021 lauantai 🧶I Love Yarn Day
16.10.2021 lauantai Sweetest Day
17.10.2021 sunnuntai Wear Something Gaudy Day
17.10.2021 sunnuntai 📷World Toy Camera Day
17.10.2021 sunnuntai Pay Back a Friend Day
17.10.2021 sunnuntai National Playing Card Collection Day
17.10.2021 sunnuntai Edge Day
17.10.2021 sunnuntai 🧑‍🏫National Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day
18.10.2021 maanantai 🪑International Adjust your Chair Day
18.10.2021 maanantai National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day
18.10.2021 maanantai National No Beard Day
19.10.2021 tiistai 👗Dress Like a Dork Day
19.10.2021 tiistai Evaluate Your Life Day
20.10.2021 keskiviikko National Suspenders Day
20.10.2021 keskiviikko National Call-in Day For Health Reform
20.10.2021 keskiviikko 🍫Office Chocolate Day
21.10.2021 torstai Spirit Day
21.10.2021 torstai "Back to the Future" Day
21.10.2021 torstai Count Your Buttons Day
21.10.2021 torstai Babbling Day
22.10.2021 perjantai INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY
22.10.2021 perjantai National Color Day
22.10.2021 perjantai National Knee Day
22.10.2021 perjantai Smart is Cool Day
23.10.2021 lauantai National Slap Your Irritating Co-Worker Day
23.10.2021 lauantai Swallows Depart from San Juan Capistrano Day
23.10.2021 lauantai Paralegal Day
23.10.2021 lauantai Make a Difference Day
23.10.2021 lauantai National Mole Day
23.10.2021 lauantai Earth Creation Day
23.10.2021 lauantai National iPod Day
23.10.2021 lauantai National Croc Day
24.10.2021 sunnuntai National Crazy Day
24.10.2021 sunnuntai National Good and Plenty Day
24.10.2021 sunnuntai Take Back Your Time Day
25.10.2021 maanantai Punk for a Day Day
25.10.2021 maanantai Sourest Day
26.10.2021 tiistai 🌝Worldwide Howl at the Moon Night
26.10.2021 tiistai Horseless Carriage Day
27.10.2021 keskiviikko Cranky Co-Workers Day
27.10.2021 keskiviikko 🩳Boxer Shorts Day
28.10.2021 torstai Separation of Church and State Day
29.10.2021 perjantai Frankenstein Friday
29.10.2021 perjantai Hermit Day
29.10.2021 perjantai National Bandanna Day
29.10.2021 perjantai World Lemur Day
30.10.2021 lauantai Mischief Night
30.10.2021 lauantai National Text Your Ex Day
30.10.2021 lauantai Create a Great Funeral Day
30.10.2021 lauantai Haunted Refrigerator Night
30.10.2021 lauantai Checklist Day
31.10.2021 sunnuntai National Magic Day
31.10.2021 sunnuntai World Savings Day
31.10.2021 sunnuntai Scare a Friend Day
31.10.2021 sunnuntai 🍬Sneak Some of the Candy Yourself Before the Kids Start Knocking Day
31.10.2021 sunnuntai 😂National Knock Knock Jokes Day
31.10.2021 sunnuntai National Doorbell Day
31.10.2021 sunnuntai Increase Your Psychic Powers Day
31.10.2021 sunnuntai Carve a Pumpkin Day
31.10.2021 sunnuntai 📚Books for Treats Day
1.11.2021 maanantai Authors' Day
1.11.2021 maanantai Extra Mile Day
1.11.2021 maanantai Give Up Your Shoulds Day
1.11.2021 maanantai 🕯️International Scented Candle Day
1.11.2021 maanantai Movember begins
1.11.2021 maanantai National Brush Day
2.11.2021 tiistai Practice Being Psychic Day
2.11.2021 tiistai Plan Your Epitaph Day
2.11.2021 tiistai Look for Circles Day
2.11.2021 tiistai Dynamic Harmlessness Day
2.11.2021 tiistai 🍪Cookie Monster Day
3.11.2021 keskiviikko Cliché Day
4.11.2021 torstai King Tut Day
4.11.2021 torstai National Waiting for the Barbarians Day
4.11.2021 torstai Use Your Common Sense Day
5.11.2021 perjantai Love Your Lawyer Day
5.11.2021 perjantai 🧑‍🦰National Love Your Red Hair Day
5.11.2021 perjantai National Jersey Friday
5.11.2021 perjantai 🖋️Fountain Pen Day
5.11.2021 perjantai 🏦Bank Transfer Day
5.11.2021 perjantai 🏈American Football Day
6.11.2021 lauantai 🏀Basketball Day
6.11.2021 lauantai 🧭Marooned Without a Compass Day
8.11.2021 maanantai Abet and Aid Punsters Day
8.11.2021 maanantai Dunce Day
8.11.2021 maanantai National Ample Time Day
8.11.2021 maanantai X-ray Day
9.11.2021 tiistai National Chaos Never Dies Day
10.11.2021 keskiviikko Sesame Street Day
10.11.2021 keskiviikko Forget-Me-Not Day
11.11.2021 torstai Origami Day
12.11.2021 perjantai Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day
12.11.2021 perjantai 😄Happy Hour Day
13.11.2021 lauantai National Mom's and Dad's Day
13.11.2021 lauantai Start a Rumor Day
13.11.2021 lauantai Symphonic Metal Day
14.11.2021 sunnuntai 👅International Tongue Twister Day
14.11.2021 sunnuntai Operating Room Nurse Day
15.11.2021 maanantai 🥪Pack Your Mom's Lunch Day
15.11.2021 maanantai National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day
15.11.2021 maanantai ✍️I Love to Write Day
16.11.2021 tiistai 🐻Have a Party With Your Bear Day
16.11.2021 tiistai National Button Day
17.11.2021 keskiviikko 😂National Farm Joke Day
17.11.2021 keskiviikko 🚶National Take a Hike Day
17.11.2021 keskiviikko National Unfriend Day
17.11.2021 keskiviikko 🧜‍♀️The Little Mermaid Day
18.11.2021 torstai Use Less Stuff Day
18.11.2021 torstai Push-button Phone Day
18.11.2021 torstai Occult Day
18.11.2021 torstai 🐭Mickey Mouse Day
18.11.2021 torstai Have Sex With a Guy With a Mustache Day
18.11.2021 torstai 👸National Princess Day
18.11.2021 torstai International Guinness World Records Day
18.11.2021 torstai Married to a Scorpio Support Day
19.11.2021 perjantai "Have a Bad Day" Day
19.11.2021 perjantai National Camp Day
19.11.2021 perjantai Play Monopoly Day
20.11.2021 lauantai Beautiful Day
20.11.2021 lauantai Name Your PC Day
20.11.2021 lauantai National Absurdity Day
21.11.2021 sunnuntai World Hello Day
21.11.2021 sunnuntai 🎵No Music Day
21.11.2021 sunnuntai Guinness World Record Day
21.11.2021 sunnuntai False Confession Day
21.11.2021 sunnuntai Mother Goose Parade Day
22.11.2021 maanantai Go For a Ride Day
22.11.2021 maanantai Humane Society Anniversary Day
22.11.2021 maanantai Start Your Own Country Day
23.11.2021 tiistai Doctor Who Day
23.11.2021 tiistai Fibonacci Day
23.11.2021 tiistai Wolfenoot
24.11.2021 keskiviikko Tie One On Day
24.11.2021 keskiviikko What Do You Love About America Day
24.11.2021 keskiviikko Brownielocks Day
24.11.2021 keskiviikko National Jukebox Day
24.11.2021 keskiviikko Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
24.11.2021 keskiviikko Blackout Wednesday
25.11.2021 torstai Shopping Reminder Day
25.11.2021 torstai Unthanksgiving Day
26.11.2021 perjantai Good Grief Day
26.11.2021 perjantai National Flossing Day
26.11.2021 perjantai National Leftovers Day
26.11.2021 perjantai Sinkie Day
26.11.2021 perjantai You're Welcome-giving Day
27.11.2021 lauantai 🎸National Electric Guitar Day
27.11.2021 lauantai National Pins And Needles Day
27.11.2021 lauantai 🥧Pie in the Face Day
28.11.2021 sunnuntai ✍️It's Letter Writing Day
28.11.2021 sunnuntai Make Your Own Head Day
29.11.2021 maanantai Customer is Wrong Day
29.11.2021 maanantai Electronic Greeting Card Day
29.11.2021 maanantai Square Dance Day
30.11.2021 tiistai National Stay at Home Because You're Well Day
30.11.2021 tiistai GivingTuesday
30.11.2021 tiistai National Mason Jar Day
1.12.2021 keskiviikko 🎄Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting
1.12.2021 keskiviikko Decembeaver begins
1.12.2021 keskiviikko 📦National Package Protection Day
1.12.2021 keskiviikko National Christmas Lights Day
2.12.2021 torstai 🏀Play Basketball Day
3.12.2021 perjantai Faux Fur Friday
3.12.2021 perjantai International Sweater Vestival
3.12.2021 perjantai Make a Gift Day
4.12.2021 lauantai Wear Brown Shoes Day
4.12.2021 lauantai Santa's List Day
4.12.2021 lauantai National Sock Day
4.12.2021 lauantai National Dice Day
4.12.2021 lauantai Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day
4.12.2021 lauantai 🚲Global Fat Bike Day
5.12.2021 sunnuntai 🛁Bathtub Party Day
5.12.2021 sunnuntai 🥷Day of the Ninja
5.12.2021 sunnuntai Krampusnacht
5.12.2021 sunnuntai 👖National Blue Jeans Day
5.12.2021 sunnuntai Repeal Day
6.12.2021 maanantai Put on Your Own Shoes Day
6.12.2021 maanantai Mitten Tree Day
6.12.2021 maanantai National Pawnbrokers Day
7.12.2021 tiistai ✍️Letter Writing Day
7.12.2021 tiistai World Trick Shot Day
8.12.2021 keskiviikko 🎄National Christmas Tree Day
8.12.2021 keskiviikko National Lard Day
8.12.2021 keskiviikko Pretend To Be a Time Traveler Day
8.12.2021 keskiviikko 👂Take it in the Ear Day
9.12.2021 torstai Techno Day
9.12.2021 torstai 🦙National Llama Day
9.12.2021 torstai Christmas Card Day
12.12.2021 sunnuntai Choral Day
12.12.2021 sunnuntai Ding-a-Ling Day
12.12.2021 sunnuntai National 12-hour Fresh Breath Day
12.12.2021 sunnuntai 🕯️Worldwide Candle Lighting Day
13.12.2021 maanantai Christmas Jumper Day
13.12.2021 maanantai Pick a Pathologist Pal Day
14.12.2021 tiistai Free Shipping Day
15.12.2021 keskiviikko Green Monday
15.12.2021 keskiviikko National Wear Your Pearls Day
16.12.2021 torstai Stupid Toy Day
16.12.2021 torstai Barbie and Barney Backlash Day
17.12.2021 perjantai Underdog Day
17.12.2021 perjantai National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
18.12.2021 lauantai 🧝Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day
18.12.2021 lauantai Flake Appreciation Day
18.12.2021 lauantai National Twin Day
18.12.2021 lauantai 🪠National Wear a Plunger on Your Head Day
19.12.2021 sunnuntai National Emo Day
19.12.2021 sunnuntai Look for an Evergreen Day
19.12.2021 sunnuntai Holly Day
20.12.2021 maanantai Cathode-Ray Tube Day
20.12.2021 maanantai Dot Your I's Day
20.12.2021 maanantai Go Caroling Day
20.12.2021 maanantai Mudd Day
20.12.2021 maanantai Sacagawea Day
21.12.2021 tiistai International Dalek Remembrance Day
21.12.2021 tiistai Look on the Bright Side Day
21.12.2021 tiistai Phileas Fogg Win a Wager Day
21.12.2021 tiistai Humbug Day
21.12.2021 tiistai 🔦Flashlight Day
21.12.2021 tiistai ☀️Don't Make Your Bed Day
21.12.2021 tiistai Crossword Puzzle Day
23.12.2021 torstai National Regifting Day
23.12.2021 torstai Roots Day
24.12.2021 perjantai Last-Minute Shopper's Day
25.12.2021 lauantai No "L" Day
26.12.2021 sunnuntai 🍬National Candy Cane Day
26.12.2021 sunnuntai National Thank You Note Day
26.12.2021 sunnuntai Whiner's Day
27.12.2021 maanantai Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day
28.12.2021 tiistai Call a Friend Day
28.12.2021 tiistai National Card Playing Day
29.12.2021 keskiviikko Still Need to Do Day
29.12.2021 keskiviikko Tick Tock Day
30.12.2021 torstai 👪Falling Needles Family Fest Day
30.12.2021 torstai Festival of Enormous Changes at the Last Minute
31.12.2021 perjantai Hogmanay
31.12.2021 perjantai Make Up Your Mind Day
31.12.2021 perjantai National Champagne Day
31.12.2021 perjantai No Interruptions Day
31.12.2021 perjantai One Voice Day
31.12.2021 perjantai Unlucky Day