Can I have my location update automatically?

Some calendars, such as Sun, Moon, Tides and Weather calendars need to know your location to function properly.

When you create or modify a subscription, WebCal.Guru uses various methods to try to locate you. One of these is asking from your device where it is. This location is stored with your subscription and is retained until changed manually.

Unfortunately, it does not work with calendar applications. When your calendar application downloads the calendar, it is not possible to ask where it is located. Even though the calendar application could find out its location, there is no method to send this location to WebCal.Guru. There is no such feature in the protocol, and even if there was, not a single calendar application does that.

IP number geolocation is way too inaccurate for this purpose. Even worse, it would be difficult for the user to fix the location, and it would be difficult for him even to notice that the location is wrong.

Finally, calendars are not designed for data which could change as fast as the user's location.

So, in summary, it is not possible to automatically update your location, and this is very unlikely to change.

Updated Thu, 18 May 2023 22:19:56 +0000 UTC