National elections

National elections from all over the world. Add "National elections" to your calendar.
Date Day of week Event
7/25/22 Monday 🇹🇳Referendum
7/31/22 Sunday 🇸🇳Senegalese National Assembly
8/9/22 Tuesday 🇰🇪Kenyan National Assembly
8/9/22 Tuesday 🇰🇪Kenyan Senate
8/9/22 Tuesday 🇰🇪President
8/24/22 Wednesday 🇦🇴Angolan National Assembly
9/11/22 Sunday 🇸🇪Swedish Parliament
9/25/22 Sunday 🇸🇹Sao Tomean National Assembly
10/1/22 Saturday 🇱🇻Latvian Parliament
10/2/22 Sunday 🇧🇷Brazilian Federal Senate
10/2/22 Sunday 🇧🇷Brazilian Chamber of Deputies
10/2/22 Sunday 🇧🇷President
10/2/22 Sunday 🇧🇦Chairman of the Presidency
10/2/22 Sunday 🇧🇦Bosnia and Herzegovina House of Representatives
10/30/22 Sunday 🇧🇷President
10/31/22 Monday 🇸🇮President
11/8/22 Tuesday 🇺🇲US Senate
11/8/22 Tuesday 🇺🇲US House of Representatives
11/30/22 Wednesday 🇦🇹President
11/30/22 Wednesday 🇧🇭Bahraini Council of Representatives
12/17/22 Saturday 🇹🇳Tunisian Assembly of People's Representatives
12/31/22 Saturday 🇱🇰President
12/31/22 Saturday 🇱🇰Sudanese National Assembly