Pastafarian Holidays

Holidays accoring to Pastafarianism. Add "Pastafarian Holidays" to your calendar.
Date Day of week Event
1/2/21 Saturday 🧀Swiss Cheese Day
1/4/21 Monday 🍝National Spaghetti Day
1/7/21 Thursday 💭National Pass Gas Day
1/9/21 Saturday Play God Day
1/10/21 Sunday 🤪Peculiar People Day
1/12/21 Tuesday 🍗Curried Chicken Day
1/13/21 Wednesday International Sceptics Day
1/14/21 Thursday Wear a Colander Day
1/16/21 Saturday Nothing Day
1/16/21 Saturday 🌶️International Hot and Spicy Food Day
1/17/21 Sunday 💭No Farting Day
1/20/21 Wednesday 🧀National Cheese Lovers Day
1/22/21 Friday National Hot Sauce Day
1/22/21 Friday 🐈Answer Your Cat's Questions Day
1/24/21 Sunday 😄Belly Laugh Day
1/24/21 Sunday 🍺Beer Can Appreciation Day
1/29/21 Friday National Corn Chip Day
2/3/21 Wednesday 🍔Food Freedom Day
2/6/21 Saturday 🍨Ice Cream For Breakfast Day
2/9/21 Tuesday 🍕Pizza Pie Day
2/12/21 Friday 🧬International Darwin Day
2/13/21 Saturday National Tortellini Day
2/16/21 Tuesday 🥞International Pancake Day
2/20/21 Saturday National Muffin Day
2/24/21 Wednesday National Tortilla Chip Day
2/28/21 Sunday 🦷National Tooth Fairy Day
3/4/21 Thursday Holy Experiment Day
3/5/21 Friday Birthday of Momofuku Ando
3/10/21 Wednesday International Day of Awesomeness
3/14/21 Sunday 🥔Potato Chip Day
3/16/21 Tuesday 👄Lips Appreciation Day
3/18/21 Thursday National Sloppy Joe Day
3/20/21 Saturday ☀️Great American Meatout Day
3/20/21 Saturday 😃International Day of Happiness
3/20/21 Saturday 🍺National Bock Beer Day
3/20/21 Saturday 🌭National Corndog Day
3/21/21 Sunday 🌮National Crunchy Taco Day
3/23/21 Tuesday Chip and Dip Day
3/27/21 Saturday National Spanish Paella Day
3/27/21 Saturday 🎵Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day
3/28/21 Sunday Pastover
3/28/21 Sunday Weed Appreciation Day
4/1/21 Thursday 🌯National Burrito Day
4/5/21 Monday 🍕National Deep Dish Pizza Day
4/6/21 Tuesday 🍺New Beer's Eve
4/7/21 Wednesday 🍺National Beer Day
4/9/21 Friday 🦄National Unicorn Day
4/13/21 - 5/13/21 Tuesday - Thursday Ramendan
4/15/21 Thursday National Ham Day
4/15/21 Thursday 🍕International Pizza Cake Day
4/21/21 Wednesday Thank You for Libraries Day
4/23/21 Friday 🍺German Beer Day
4/27/21 Tuesday 🐕National Devil Dog Day
4/28/21 Wednesday 🍔Stop Food Waste Day
4/30/21 Friday 🥔National Mr. Potato Head Day
5/1/21 Saturday 🍺Beer Pong Day
5/1/21 Saturday 🍺National Homebrew Day
5/11/21 Tuesday Eat What You Want Day
5/15/21 Saturday 🥃World Whisky Day
5/16/21 Sunday 🥐World Baking Day
5/25/21 Tuesday 🤓Geek Pride Day
5/29/21 Saturday International Coq Au Vin Day
6/4/21 Friday 🫂Hug an Atheist Day
6/7/21 Monday 🍲World Food Safety Day
6/16/21 Wednesday 🥕Fresh Veggies Day
6/20/21 Sunday 🦃National Turkey Lovers' Day
6/25/21 Friday 🍔National Food Truck Day
7/3/21 Saturday 🍒International Cherry Pit Spitting Day
7/3/21 Saturday 🍺National Independent Beer Run Day
7/7/21 Wednesday National Macaroni Day
7/7/21 Wednesday Tell the Truth Day
7/27/21 Tuesday 🥃National Scotch Day
7/27/21 Tuesday 🪴Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day
7/29/21 Thursday National Lasagna Day
7/29/21 Thursday 🍗National Chicken Wing Day
8/6/21 Friday 🍺International Beer Day®
8/6/21 Friday 🍺National Root Beer Float Day
8/19/21 Thursday 🌶️National Hot and Spicy Food Day
8/21/21 Saturday Break The Monotony Day
8/26/21 Thursday 🍔National Burger Day
9/4/21 Saturday 🍰Eat an Extra Dessert Day
9/4/21 Saturday 🥓International Bacon Day
9/6/21 Monday 🥚Great Egg Toss Day
9/7/21 Tuesday 🍺National Beer Lover's Day
9/9/21 Thursday 🤓Wonderful Weirdos Day
9/10/21 Friday 📺TV Dinner Day
9/15/21 Wednesday 🍔National Double Cheeseburger Day
9/18/21 Saturday 🍔Cheeseburger Day
9/19/21 Sunday 🏴‍☠️International Talk Like a Pirate Day
9/19/21 Sunday 🏴‍☠️Meow Like a Pirate Day
9/25/21 Saturday 🍳National Cooking Day
9/26/21 Sunday 🥟National Dumpling Day
10/2/21 Saturday 🍔National Research Maniacs Food Day
10/6/21 Wednesday National Noodle Day
10/9/21 Saturday 🍺International Beer and Pizza Day
10/11/21 Monday 🍕National Sausage Pizza Day
10/12/21 Tuesday Pastafarian Headgear Day International
10/12/21 Tuesday 🐖Pulled Pork Day
10/16/21 Saturday 🍲World Food Day
10/17/21 Sunday 🍝National Pasta Day
10/24/21 Sunday 🍎Food Day
10/25/21 Monday 🍟National Greasy Foods Day
10/25/21 Monday 🍝World Pasta Day
10/25/21 Monday 🍕World Pizza Makers Day
10/26/21 Tuesday Mincemeat Day
10/31/21 Sunday 🎃Carve a Pumpkin Day
10/31/21 Sunday 🎃Halloween
11/1/21 Monday Give Up Your Shoulds Day
11/2/21 Tuesday 🍪Cookie Monster Day
11/3/21 Wednesday 🥗Eat Smart Day
11/4/21 Thursday 👨‍🍳National Men Make Dinner Day™
11/5/21 Friday 🍩National Doughnut Appreciation Day
11/6/21 Saturday 🍺Learn to Homebrew Day
11/8/21 Monday Cook Something Bold Day
11/9/21 Tuesday National Chaos Never Dies Day
11/16/21 Tuesday 🍔National Fast Food Day
11/18/21 Thursday Great American Smokeout
11/20/21 Saturday National Absurdity Day
12/11/21 Saturday Noodle Ring Day
12/18/21 Saturday 🐖Suckling Pig Day
12/21/21 Tuesday Humbug Day
12/21/21 Tuesday 🍔National Hamburger Day