Protestant Liturgical Calendar

Date Day of week Event
1/1/22 Saturday Feast of the Circumcision of Christ
1/2/22 Sunday The Second Sunday of Christmas
1/6/22 Thursday Epiphany
1/9/22 Sunday The Baptism of Christ
1/16/22 Sunday The Second Sunday of Epiphany
1/23/22 Sunday The Third Sunday of Epiphany
1/25/22 Tuesday The Conversion of Paul
1/30/22 Sunday The Fourth Sunday of Epiphany
2/2/22 Wednesday 🕯️Candlemas
2/6/22 Sunday The Fifth Sunday of Epiphany
2/13/22 Sunday The Sixth Sunday of Epiphany
2/20/22 Sunday The Seventh Sunday of Epiphany
2/27/22 Sunday The Eight Sunday before Lent
2/27/22 Sunday The Last Sunday after Epiphany
3/2/22 Wednesday Ash Wednesday
3/6/22 Sunday The First Sunday of Lent
3/13/22 Sunday The Second Sunday of Lent
3/19/22 Saturday Saint Joseph's Day
3/20/22 Sunday The Third Sunday of Lent
3/25/22 Friday Feast of Saint Mark
3/25/22 Friday The Annunciation of the Lord
3/27/22 Sunday 👩Mothering Sunday
4/3/22 Sunday Passion Sunday
4/3/22 Sunday The Fifth Sunday of Lent
4/10/22 Sunday Palm Sunday
4/11/22 Monday Holy Monday
4/13/22 Wednesday Holy Wednesday
4/14/22 Thursday Maundy Thursday
4/15/22 Friday Good Friday
4/16/22 Saturday Holy Saturday
4/17/22 Sunday Easter Sunday
4/18/22 Monday Monday of Easter Week
4/19/22 Tuesday Tuesday of Easter Week
4/20/22 Wednesday Wednesday of Easter Week
4/21/22 Thursday Thursday of Easter Week
4/22/22 Friday Friday of Easter Week
4/23/22 Saturday Saturday of Easter Week
4/24/22 Sunday The Second Sunday of Easter
5/1/22 Sunday Feast of Saints Philip and James, Apostles
5/1/22 Sunday The Third Sunday of Easter
5/1/22 Sunday Thomas Sunday
5/8/22 Sunday The Fourth Sunday of Easter
5/14/22 Saturday Feast of Matthias the Apostle
5/15/22 Sunday The Fifth Sunday of Easter
5/22/22 Sunday The Sixth Sunday of Easter
5/26/22 Thursday Ascension Day
5/29/22 Sunday The Seventh Sunday of Easter
5/31/22 Tuesday The Visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth
6/5/22 Sunday Pentecost
6/11/22 Saturday Feast of Barnabas the Apostle
6/12/22 Sunday Trinity Sunday
6/16/22 Thursday Corpus Christi
6/19/22 Sunday The First Sunday after Trinity
6/23/22 Thursday Nativity of Saint John the Baptist
6/26/22 Sunday The Second Sunday after Trinity
6/29/22 Wednesday Feast of Saints Peter and Paul
7/3/22 Sunday Feast of Thomas the Apostle
7/3/22 Sunday The Third Sunday after Trinity
7/10/22 Sunday The Fourth Sunday after Trinity
7/17/22 Sunday The Fifth Sunday after Trinity
7/22/22 Friday Feast of Mary Magdalene
7/24/22 Sunday The Sixth Sunday after Trinity
7/25/22 Monday Feast of James the Apostle
7/31/22 Sunday The Seventh Sunday after Trinity
8/6/22 Saturday Feast of the Transfiguration
8/7/22 Sunday The Eighth Sunday after Trinity
8/14/22 Sunday The Ninth Sunday after Trinity
8/15/22 Monday Assumption of Mary
8/21/22 Sunday The Tenth Sunday after Trinity
8/24/22 Wednesday Feast of Bartholomew the Apostle
8/28/22 Sunday The Eleventh Sunday after Trinity
9/4/22 Sunday The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity
9/11/22 Sunday The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity
9/14/22 Wednesday The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
9/18/22 Sunday The Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity
9/21/22 Wednesday Feast of Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist
9/25/22 Sunday The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity
9/29/22 Thursday Michaelmas
10/2/22 Sunday The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity
10/9/22 Sunday The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity
10/16/22 Sunday The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity
10/18/22 Tuesday Feast of Luke the Evangelist
10/23/22 Sunday The Last Sunday after Trinity
10/30/22 Sunday The Fourth Sunday before Advent
11/1/22 Tuesday All Saints' Day
11/6/22 Sunday The Third Sunday before Advent
11/13/22 Sunday The Second Sunday before Advent
11/20/22 Sunday Christ the King
11/27/22 Sunday Advent Sunday
11/30/22 Wednesday Feast of Andrew the Apostle
12/4/22 Sunday Second Sunday of Advent
12/11/22 Sunday Third Sunday of Advent
12/18/22 Sunday Fourth Sunday of Advent
12/24/22 Saturday 🎄Christmas Eve
12/25/22 Sunday Christmas Day
12/26/22 Monday Saint Stephen's Day
12/27/22 Tuesday Feast of St John the Apostle
12/28/22 Wednesday Feast of the Holy Innocents