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Date Day of week Event
6/23/22 Thursday “Lightning never strikes twice in the same place.”
6/24/22 Friday “The best-laid schemes of mice and men gang aft agley.”
6/25/22 Saturday “Penny, Penny. Makes many.”
6/26/22 Sunday “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
6/27/22 Monday “Be yourself.”
6/28/22 Tuesday “Know which side (one's) bread is buttered (on)”
6/29/22 Wednesday “He who knows does not speak. He who speaks does not know. Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher (604 BC – c. 531 BC)”
6/30/22 Thursday “Tell me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are.”
7/1/22 Friday “There are none so blind as those, that will not see.”
7/2/22 Saturday “Everything comes to him who waits.”
7/3/22 Sunday “Paddle your own canoe.”
7/4/22 Monday “A person is known by the company he keeps.”
7/5/22 Tuesday “Money doesn't grow on trees.”
7/6/22 Wednesday “There is no fool like an old fool.”
7/7/22 Thursday “Do not put too many irons in the fire.”
7/8/22 Friday “Do not throw the baby out with the bathwater.”
7/9/22 Saturday “Might is right.”
7/10/22 Sunday “Dead men tell no tales.”
7/11/22 Monday “Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”
7/12/22 Tuesday “Live and learn.”
7/13/22 Wednesday “You can't take it with you [when you die].”
7/14/22 Thursday “What does not kill me makes me stronger.”
7/15/22 Friday “Fine feathers make fine birds.”
7/16/22 Saturday “Do not put the cart before the horse.”
7/17/22 Sunday “There's safety in numbers.”
7/18/22 Monday “Two heads are better than one.”
7/19/22 Tuesday “The more the merrier.”
7/20/22 Wednesday “Every man has his price.”
7/21/22 Thursday “Everything comes to those who wait.”
7/22/22 Friday “It is better to cultivate a Land with two Bulls, rather working under Boss who never gives Wage when asked.”
7/23/22 Saturday “No pain, no gain.”
7/24/22 Sunday “Only fools and horses work.”
7/25/22 Monday “Do not put new wine into old bottles.”
7/26/22 Tuesday “Hope springs eternal.”
7/27/22 Wednesday “It is no use crying over spilt milk.”
7/28/22 Thursday “Adversity makes strange bedfellows.”
7/29/22 Friday “Practice what you preach.”
7/30/22 Saturday “The light is on but nobody is home.”
7/31/22 Sunday “Love is blind. The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Act II, Scene 1 (1591)”
8/1/22 Monday “Make love not war.”
8/2/22 Tuesday “A man is known by his friends.”
8/3/22 Wednesday “Men are blind in their own cause. Heywood Broun (1888–1939), American journalist.”
8/4/22 Thursday “Do not sympathize with those who can not empathize.”
8/5/22 Friday “Do not fish for a shark with your hands, fish for hands with a shark.”
8/6/22 Saturday “Don't try to walk before you can crawl.”
8/7/22 Sunday “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”