National elections

National elections from all over the world. Add "National elections" to your calendar.
Date Day of week Event
9/1/23 Friday 🇸🇬Singaporean Presidency
9/9/23 Saturday 🇲🇻Maldivian Presidency
9/29/23 Friday 🇸🇿Swazi House of Assembly
9/30/23 Saturday 🇹🇻Tuvaluan House of Assembly
9/30/23 Saturday 🇸🇰Slovakian National Council
10/8/23 Sunday 🇱🇺Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies
10/10/23 Tuesday 🇱🇷Liberian House of Representatives
10/10/23 Tuesday 🇱🇷Liberian President
10/10/23 Tuesday 🇱🇷Liberian Senate
10/12/23 Thursday 🇬🇮Gibraltar Parliament
10/14/23 Saturday 🇳🇿New Zealand House of Representatives
10/14/23 Saturday 🇦🇺Referendum
10/15/23 Sunday 🇵🇱Polish Senate
10/15/23 Sunday 🇵🇱Polish Sejm
10/15/23 Sunday 🇵🇱Referendum
10/15/23 Sunday 🇪🇨Ecuadorian Presidency
10/22/23 Sunday 🇦🇷Argentinian Presidency
10/22/23 Sunday 🇦🇷Argentinian Senate
10/22/23 Sunday 🇦🇷Argentinian Chamber of Deputies
10/22/23 Sunday 🇨🇭Swiss Council of States
10/22/23 Sunday 🇨🇭Swiss National Council
10/31/23 Tuesday 🇧🇹Bhutanese National Assembly
10/31/23 Tuesday 🇴🇲Omani Consultative Assembly
11/6/23 Monday 🇵🇰Pakistani National Assembly
11/9/23 Thursday 🇲🇬Malagasy Presidency
11/20/23 Monday 🇲🇹Marshallese Parliament
11/22/23 Wednesday 🇳🇵Dutch Second Chamber
11/30/23 Thursday 🇮🇪Referendum
12/17/23 Sunday 🇨🇱Referendum
12/17/23 Sunday 🇹🇩Referendum
12/20/23 Wednesday 🇰🇲Congo DRC Presidency
12/20/23 Wednesday 🇰🇲Congo DRC National Assembly
12/31/23 Sunday 🇹🇬Togolese National Assembly
1/28/24 Sunday 🇫🇮Finnish Presidency
2/4/24 Sunday 🇸🇻Salvadoran Presidency
2/4/24 Sunday 🇸🇻Salvadoran Legislative Assembly
2/14/24 Wednesday 🇮🇩Indonesian Presidency
2/14/24 Wednesday 🇮🇩Indonesian House of Representatives
2/14/24 Wednesday 🇮🇩Indonesian Regional Representative Council
2/25/24 Sunday 🇸🇳Senegalese Presidency