Universe Timeline

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Date Day of week Time Event
1/1/21 Friday The Big Bang. Beginning of the space and time.
1/4/21 Monday Methuselah star. Oldest known star in the universe.
1/6/21 - 1/24/21 Wednesday - Sunday Reionization era. Early stars start ionizing interstellar gas.
1/8/21 Friday First black holes form
1/14/21 Thursday Mass star formation. Universe starts to heat once again.
1/16/21 Saturday First galaxies form
1/17/21 Sunday GRB 090423. Oldest gamma ray burst ever observed.
1/22/21 Friday Hubble ultra deep field
1/26/21 Tuesday Quasar CFHQS J2329-0301. Oldest known quasar.
1/30/21 Saturday PST B1620-26. Oldest known exoplanet.
2/1/21 Monday Milky Way forms
2/14/21 Sunday GRB 140419A supernova. Second oldest gamma ray burst.
2/25/21 Thursday BX442 galaxy. Oldest known spiral galaxy.
3/2/21 Tuesday Kapteyn b. Oldest known exoplanet lying within the habitable zone.
3/5/21 Friday Milky Way's cosmic halo forms
3/16/21 Tuesday Star formation rate peaks. Universe starts to cool Temperature averages around 13000 K.
3/29/21 Monday Oldest population I stars. First stars abundant in metals.
3/31/21 Wednesday Universe becomes habitable. First life-friendly star systems emerge.
4/14/21 Wednesday JKCS 041. Oldest galactic cluster.
4/19/21 Monday Universe reaches 1/3 of its present diameter
4/22/21 Thursday Milky Way star formation rate stabilizes
4/28/21 Wednesday Barnard's star forms. Oldest close solar neighbor.
5/7/21 Friday Oldest known evidence for dark energy
5/13/21 Thursday Milky Way's thin disk starts to form
5/21/21 Friday Lalande 21185
5/23/21 Sunday Lacaille 9352
6/3/21 Thursday Milky Way star formation rate begins to decline
6/8/21 Tuesday Mizar forms
6/16/21 Wednesday GRB 080319B. Most powerful gamma ray burst ever observed by humans.
6/16/21 Wednesday Arcturus forms. 4th brightest star in the night sky.
6/27/21 Sunday Universe cools below 5 K
6/29/21 Tuesday Growth of large galaxies slows
7/2/21 Friday 1/2 the age of the Universe
7/5/21 Monday Alpha Centauri forms. Closest star system to the Sun.
7/7/21 Wednesday Alnitak forms. Left star of the Orion's Belt.
7/13/21 Tuesday Milky Way starts spiralizing
7/15/21 Thursday Age of an average earth-like planet
7/21/21 Wednesday 61 Cygni forms
7/26/21 Monday Dark energy overtakes gravity. Universe's expansion rate starts to accelerate.
7/31/21 Saturday Tau Ceti forms
8/8/21 Sunday Solar nebula starts collapsing
8/8/21 Sunday Milky way becomes a spiral galaxy
8/16/21 Monday Gliese 570 forms
8/25/21 Wednesday Proxima Centauri forms. Closest star to the Sun.
8/29/21 Sunday SN 2005ap supernova. Brightest supernova ever observed.
9/2/21 Thursday The Sun forms
9/2/21 Thursday Proto-earth forms. Planets, asteroids and comets form from the Sun's protoplanetary disk.
9/3/21 Friday Formation of the Moon. Theia impacts Earth, the Moon forms from the coalesced debris.
9/6/21 Monday Oceans form on Earth. Asteroids bring water to Earth.
9/6/21 Monday First known minerals. Zircons form at Jack Hills, Australia.
9/10/21 Friday Mintaka forms. Right star of the Orion's Belt.
9/11/21 - 9/19/21 Saturday - Sunday Life emerges on Earth
9/14/21 - 9/22/21 Tuesday - Wednesday Late Heavy Bombardment
9/14/21 Tuesday Earliest known rock. (Aggregate of minerals).
9/17/21 Friday Greenstone rock belt
9/22/21 Wednesday Oldest banded iron formation
9/27/21 Monday Vaalbara supercontinent emerges
9/30/21 Thursday Last universal ancestor. Split between bacteria and archaea.
9/30/21 Thursday Cyanobacteria fossils. Warrawoona, oldest fossil evidence of life on Earth.
10/5/21 Tuesday Compressional tectonics
10/6/21 Wednesday Barberton event. One of the largest impacts ever, left a 300 mi / 480 km crater.
10/8/21 Friday Ur supercontinent forms
10/8/21 Friday Anoxygenic photosynthesis developed by bacteria
10/11/21 Monday First land bacteria
10/13/21 Wednesday Cyanobacteria develop true photosynthesis. Life begins to produce oxygen.
10/16/21 Saturday Tides decline below 1000 ft / 300 m
10/16/21 Saturday Zeta Reticuli forms
10/16/21 Saturday Kenorland supercontinent emerges
10/18/21 Monday Vaalbara supercontinent breaks up
10/21/21 Thursday Major komatiite eruption
10/21/21 Thursday First eukaryotes emerge. Early estimate.
10/24/21 Sunday Oldest known giant carbonate platform
10/25/21 Monday Zeta Puppis forms
10/26/21 Tuesday Great Oxygenation event. Bacterially produced oxygen starts to accumulate in the atmosphere.
10/26/21 Tuesday Movement of the tectonic plates commences
10/29/21 Friday Suavjarvi impact event left oldest still recognizable crater
10/29/21 - 11/5/21 Friday - Friday Huronian glaciation. First snowball earth period.
11/1/21 Monday Continental red beds form
11/3/21 Wednesday Atmospheric oxygen level surpasses one percent
11/3/21 Wednesday Ozone layer forms
11/6/21 Saturday Earliest known eukaryote fossils (acritarchs)
11/6/21 Saturday Earliest multicellular life. Francevillian Group Fossil.
11/8/21 Monday Vredefort impact event. One of the largest impacts ever left a 190 mi/ 300 km crater.
11/11/21 Thursday Atmospheric oxygen level surpasses 15 percent
11/11/21 Thursday Natural nuclear reactor forms in Oklo, Gabon
11/13/21 Saturday Sudbury impact, event left a 160 mi / 260 km crater
11/14/21 Sunday Supercontinent Columbia forms
11/15/21 Monday Vishnu Basement Rocks. Oldest rocks in the Grand Canyon.
11/17/21 Wednesday Oldest sand dune ergs
11/19/21 Friday Mitochondria assimilate into eukaryotic cells
11/22/21 Monday Supercontinent Columbia breaks up
11/23/21 Tuesday Geologic platform covers expand
11/24/21 Wednesday Population of stromatolites rapidly rises
11/25/21 Thursday Procyon forms. Brightest star in Canis Minor.
11/27/21 Saturday Greenville orogeny starts
11/30/21 Tuesday Supercontinent Rodinia forms
11/30/21 Tuesday Bangiomorpha pubescens. First sexually reproducing organism.
12/1/21 Wednesday Population explosion of eukaryotes
12/2/21 Thursday Earliest flagellate protists
12/9/21 Thursday Population of stromatolites starts to decline
12/10/21 Friday Protista population explodes
12/11/21 Saturday Kaigas glaciation. Snowball earth period.
12/12/21 Sunday Supercontinent Rodinia breaks apart
12/12/21 - 12/14/21 Sunday - Tuesday Sturtian glaciation. Snowball earth period.
12/14/21 Tuesday Marinoan glaciation. Snowball earth period.
12/16/21 Thursday Fossilized worm impressions in China
12/16/21 Thursday Avalon explosion. Ediacaran fauna emerges.
12/17/21 Friday Cambrian explosion. Exponential diversification of life, most major animal phyla appear.
12/18/21 Saturday First trilobites
12/20/21 Monday 2:20 AM Plants and arthropods colonize the land
12/20/21 Monday 5:31 AM Ordovician extinction event. 60% of all species go extinct.
12/20/21 Monday 9:23 PM First air-breathing animals
12/21/21 Tuesday 1:15 PM First tetrapods
12/21/21 Tuesday 10:46 PM First tree-like plants
12/22/21 Wednesday 5:07 AM Late Devonian extinction. 70% of all species go extinct.
12/23/21 Thursday 6:31 AM First amniotes
12/23/21 Thursday 12:52 PM First reptiles
12/23/21 Thursday 10:23 PM Atmospheric oxygen level peaks at 35%. Arthropods grow into unprecedented sizes.
12/24/21 Friday 1:33 AM Pangaea forms. Last supercontinent.
12/25/21 Saturday 8:40 AM Permian extinction event. Largest extinction event in history, 90-96% of all species go extinct.
12/25/21 Saturday 9:18 AM Sirius forms . Brightest star in the night sky.
12/25/21 Saturday 9:21 PM First dinosaurs
12/26/21 Sunday 1:10 AM First mammals
12/26/21 Sunday 4:24 PM Triassic extinction event. 75% of all species go extinct.
12/26/21 Sunday 11:23 PM First giant sauropods
12/27/21 Monday 5:44 AM Pangaea splits into Laurasia and Gondwana
12/27/21 Monday 8:16 AM First stegosaurs
12/27/21 Monday 9:36 PM First birds
12/28/21 Tuesday 3:57 AM Madagascar splits from Africa
12/28/21 Tuesday 1:28 PM First flowering plants
12/28/21 Tuesday 1:28 PM Laurasia and Gondwana begin to drift apart
12/29/21 Wednesday 4:42 AM Spinosaurus evolves. Largest of all carnivorous dinosaurs.
12/29/21 Wednesday 8:31 AM First bees
12/29/21 Wednesday 2:52 PM Indian subcontinent splits from Gondwana
12/29/21 Wednesday 9:13 PM Australia splits from Antarctica
12/30/21 Thursday 4:50 AM Tyrannosaurus rex evolves. 75% of all species, including all non-avian dinosaurs, go extinct.
12/30/21 Thursday 6:06 AM Cretaceous extinction event
12/30/21 Thursday 9:54 AM First primates evolve
12/30/21 Thursday 1:05 PM First modern birds
12/30/21 Thursday 4:15 PM Indian subcontinent collides with Asia. Tiber and Himalayas start to rise.
12/30/21 Thursday 6:09 PM Whales return to the water
12/30/21 Thursday 10:36 PM Antarctic ice cap begins to grow
12/31/21 Friday 1:46 AM Grasslands become widespread
12/31/21 Friday 4:57 AM South America separates from Antarctica
12/31/21 Friday 7:29 AM First elephants. Eritreum melakeghebrekristosi.
12/31/21 Friday 12:34 PM Divergence of great apes and lesser apes
12/31/21 Friday 2:28 PM First bovids
12/31/21 Friday 5:01 PM First large horses
12/31/21 Friday 6:55 PM Rigel forms. Brightest star in Orion.
12/31/21 Friday 7:14 PM Betelgeuse forms. Second brightest star in Orion.
12/31/21 Friday 8:11 PM Last common ancestor humans and chimpanzees
12/31/21 Friday 8:13 PM - 8:36 PM Messinian salinity crisis. Strait of Gibraltar closes tight, Mediterranean Sea dries out.
12/31/21 Friday 9:27 PM Australopithecus evolves
12/31/21 Friday 10:05 PM Great American Interchange. Isthmus of Panama rises, North and South America join, extensive fauna exchange follows.
12/31/21 Friday 10:24 PM Current ice age begins
12/31/21 Friday 10:36 PM First members of the genus Homo appear
12/31/21 Friday 11:02 PM First controlled use of fire by Homo erectus
12/31/21 Friday 11:30 PM Last reversal of the Earth's magnetic field
12/31/21 Friday 11:35 PM Yellowstone Caldera erupts
12/31/21 Friday 11:40 PM Earliest human engravings. Zig-zag patterns on shells in Java.
12/31/21 Friday 11:48 PM Earliest instances of burial
12/31/21 Friday 11:50 PM Neanderthals evolve
12/31/21 Friday 11:52 PM Anatomically modern humans appear in Africa
12/31/21 Friday 11:56 PM Humans begin migrating out of Africa
12/31/21 Friday 11:57 PM Toba supervolcanic eruption. Human population falls to 10,000.
12/31/21 Friday 11:58 PM 23:58:40 Neanderthals go extinct
12/31/21 Friday 11:59 PM 23:59:25 First domesticated dogs
12/31/21 Friday 11:59 PM 23:59:39 Beginning of agriculture
12/31/21 Friday 11:59 PM 23:59:46 Wheel invented
12/31/21 Friday 11:59 PM 23:59:48 Writing invented
12/31/21 Friday 11:59 PM 23:59:49 Great Pyramid
12/31/21 Friday 11:59 PM 23:59:52 Iron Age begins
12/31/21 Friday 11:59 PM 23:59:55 Julius Caesar
12/31/21 Friday 11:59 PM 23:59:58 Galileo Galilei
12/31/21 Friday 11:59 PM 23:59:59 Charles Darwin