Flag Days

Days when it is recommended to raise the national flag. Add "Flag Days" to your calendar.
Date Day of week Event
1/1/22 Saturday New Year's Day
1/17/22 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
2/12/22 Saturday Lincoln's Birthday
2/21/22 Monday President's Day
5/15/22 Sunday Peace Officers Memorial Day
5/21/22 Saturday Armed Forces Day
5/30/22 Monday Memorial Day
6/14/22 Tuesday Flag Day
7/4/22 Monday Independence Day
7/27/22 Wednesday Korean War Veterans Day
9/5/22 Monday Labor Day
9/11/22 Sunday Patriot Day
9/17/22 Saturday Constitution Day
10/9/22 Sunday Fire Prevention Day
10/10/22 Monday Columbus Day
10/27/22 Thursday Navy Day
11/8/22 Tuesday Election Day
11/11/22 Friday Veterans Day
12/7/22 Wednesday Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day