Premiere movies

Movies playing currently in theatres. Dates are country specific. Add "Premiere movies" to your calendar.
Date Day of week Event
3/25/23 Saturday Ill-Fated
3/25/23 Saturday How To Wake Up In The Morning When Everyday Is A Struggle
3/25/23 Saturday David Benavidez vs. Caleb Plant
3/25/23 Saturday FACE HOME VIEW
3/25/23 Saturday The Fallen Woman
3/27/23 Monday Perfect Addiction
3/27/23 Monday Rebranded Mickey Mouse
3/27/23 Monday DOJAEJUNG: Ready To Launch
3/28/23 Tuesday O, GLORY!
3/31/23 Friday Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
3/31/23 Friday His Only Son
3/31/23 Friday A Thousand and One
3/31/23 Friday We Kill for Love
3/31/23 Friday Trinket Box
3/31/23 Friday Monumental: Ellie Goulding at Kew Gardens
4/1/23 Saturday Natural Order
4/1/23 Saturday Jer/Z
4/4/23 Tuesday One Day as a Lion
4/4/23 Tuesday The Fist of the Condor
4/4/23 Tuesday In the Valley of the Moon
4/5/23 Wednesday The Super Mario Bros. Movie
4/5/23 Wednesday Air: Courting a Legend
4/7/23 Friday Paint
4/7/23 Friday Showing Up
4/7/23 Friday How to Blow Up a Pipeline
4/13/23 Thursday Black Lotus
4/14/23 Friday The Pope's Exorcist
4/14/23 Friday Suzume
4/14/23 Friday Renfield
4/14/23 Friday Mafia Mamma
4/14/23 Friday Sweetwater
4/14/23 Friday Everything Went Fine
4/14/23 Friday Nefarious
4/14/23 Friday Old Man Jackson
4/14/23 Friday Queens on the Run
4/15/23 Saturday How We Get Free
4/16/23 Sunday Sleestak's Big Adventure
4/16/23 Sunday And Then I Was Here
4/18/23 Tuesday Accidental Truth: UFO Revelations
4/18/23 Tuesday The Reaper Man
4/18/23 Tuesday Mirando al Cielo
4/20/23 Thursday True Love Waits