Good to Know

Noteworthy events which are not actual holidays. Good addition to the Holidays calendar. Add "Good to Know" to your calendar.
Date Day of week Event
06/01/2022 Thursday Epiphany
01/02/2022 Tuesday 🐉Chinese New Year
14/02/2022 Monday 💝Valentine's Day
28/02/2022 Monday Shrove Monday
01/03/2022 Tuesday Mardi Gras
01/03/2022 Tuesday Shrove Tuesday
02/03/2022 Wednesday Ash Wednesday
14/03/2022 Monday Commonwealth Day
20/03/2022 Sunday World Cleanup Day
20/03/2022 Sunday ☀️March equinox
01/04/2022 Friday 😉April Fools' Day
16/04/2022 Saturday Holy Saturday
17/04/2022 Sunday Easter Sunday
18/04/2022 Monday Easter Monday
13/05/2022 Friday 🤞Friday the 13th
29/05/2022 Sunday 👩Mother's Day
05/06/2022 Sunday Pentecost
06/06/2022 Monday Whit Monday
20/06/2022 Monday Midsummer's Eve
21/06/2022 Tuesday Midsummer
21/06/2022 Tuesday ☀️June solstice
23/09/2022 Friday ☀️September equinox
01/10/2022 Saturday Independence of Southern British Cameroons from UK
24/10/2022 Monday 🇺🇳United Nations Day
31/10/2022 Monday 🎃Halloween
25/11/2022 Friday Black Friday
28/11/2022 Monday Cyber Monday
21/12/2022 Wednesday ☀️December solstice
24/12/2022 Saturday 🎄Christmas Eve
28/12/2022 Wednesday Feast of the Holy Innocents
31/12/2022 Saturday 🎆New Year's Eve